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At Argos, translation is about creating a connection with your global clients.

That is why our approach is to build tailored linguistic teams and processes around each subject matter and content type. Our focus is to connect your content with the right language professionals so that you can connect with your clients globally.

We offer high-quality translation services that focus on the needs of your business. As part of our translation services we assign a dedicated Project Management team to overlook your project. Your dedicated Project Manager will supervise your project resolving any issues that may arise and bridging communication between our production teams and your team. In essence, you can rest assured that your project is well attended to, leaving you free to dedicate more of your time to your business.

Our translation services include:

  • Automotive translations – technical documentation, user guides, marketing brochures
  • Financial translations – Banking and Economic translations
  • IT translations – software and hardware-related document translations
  • Legal translations – Contracts and other legal documents translations
  • Marketing translations – Advertising & PR materials
  • Medical translations – pharmaceutical text translations
  • Technical translations – automotive, machinery, agricultural, mechanical and electrical engineering
  • Telecommunications translations – software applications, user manuals
  • eCommerce translations – CRM systems, financial reports
  • Professional translations – business correspondence documents


Our 2500+ translators (all native speakers in their target language) and experienced Project Managers, will guarantee complete and accurate adaptation of all your documents, texts and graphics into the following languages:

  • FIGS languages
  • Central European languages
  • Eastern European languages
  • Scandinavian languages
  • English
  • Asian languages
  • Arabic & Middle-Eastern languages

Document Translations

Document translations produced by us allow your company to extend your message in any direction desired helping you reach anyone targeted: client and employee alike. Most importantly, entrusting Argos’ translation services with your document translation projects means that you can focus your sight on other relevant business activities that require your continuous attention.

We have experience that runs the gamut from:

  • Medical document translations
  • Letter translations
  • Commercial documents translations
  • Marketing materials translations
  • Legal documents translations

Transcreation Services

Transcreate your marketing content to ensure your brand message resonates wherever your clients are. Our specialized marketing linguists will handle language-specific nuances with precision; this means that while your message will be tailored to meet regional expectations, it will focus on stirring the same sensibilities globally as in your local campaigns.

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