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Argos Multilingual understands how important accurate Technology Translation Services are to product launches in the technology industry

Your content needs to be understood without error by users worldwide and only expert translators can guarantee to correctly convey its meaning.

Our extensive experience spans across years of completed information technology translation projects for some of the world’s largest and leading technology & IT companies. We have experience in aiding IT companies that develop software using AGILE methodology.

Through our internal software localization department, use of state of the art technology, a proprietary TMS systems and newest CAT tools, Argos has the capacity to handle large, complex and short-deadline IT projects into all languages.

Enterprise Application Software (EAS) Translations

Global software product launches have been made easy with the latest advances in technology. But for launches to be successful, they need to have a great user experience, which means launching the product without delay. Argos’ localization teams will work closely with your development teams to ensure that your EAS software products are understood properly by your target market, in a cost-effecient manner and on time.

Our partners use agile development methodologies, and so do we. We understand that in your world time-to-market is key.

PLM Software Translations

The revolution in Product Lifecycle Management software has allowed product designers to move faster from concept, to design and finally product realization and all on smaller budgets. Consumers of PLM software are constantly looking to gain a competitive edge. With market pressure to bring more innovations quickly, PLM software developers rely on the speed of publishing to determine a product’s success.

With our localization testing and software localization services, we let you roll out your new product lines and updates on time, every time.

Consumer Electronics Translations

Global players take advantage of consumer electronics translations, knowing that accurate translations of their marketing materials, product instruction manuals and websites are key elements in effective and successful marketing campaigns. Top consumer electronics companies count on Argos’ expert linguists to deliver high quality consumer electronics translations that help enter and capture new markets.

Stay ahead of the competition with fast and cost-effective language solutions to suit your translation program.

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How We Can Help

  • Online Help Content
  • User Manuals
  • Website Localization
  • GUI and Instructions
  • Marketing Content
  • Systems Engineering
  • Product Data Management
  • Legal Documentation
  • Software Testing (Agile Development)
  • Software Localization
  • User Interface
  • Product Catalogues
  • Labeling
  • Brand Management
  • Multimedia Content
  • Product Launch Briefings
  • App Store & Google Play Materials
  • E-learning
  • Environmental Compliance Content
  • Software Documentation
  • I18n Audits and Code Refactoring
  • Content Management Systems