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Banking Translations

Expanding your market share in an inherently competitive industry like banking means making bank transactions, business reports, annual profit statements, trade agreements, and shareholder reports available in the languages that your clients speak. Argos Multilingual employs professional financial translators and industry experts, supporting them with modern technologies that automate as much of the traditional translation workflow as possible to produce unrivaled linguistic consistency and project turnaround time.

Investment Translations

As global investment banks and asset management firms cater to a growing pool of global clients, their need for quality translations is on the rise. With a regular inflow of stock market information, industry reports, annual statements, and news publications, these institutions need to constantly be at the forefront of an information data flow, adapting their own publications for rapid worldwide release to clients and markets around the world. At Argos Multilingual, we’ve designed a unique workflow that allows our experts to handle such projects quickly and accurately.

Insurance Translations

Competition in the insurance sector has driven companies to broaden their offerings and expand their coverage worldwide. This means that all documentation required to cover potential customer incidents should now offered in all possible language combinations. Argos Multilingual has nearly 25 years of experience supporting all manner of insurance agencies with their translation projects. When you work with us, you can be certain that your documents will be translated by qualified subject matter experts who will pay special attention to cultural references and other linguistic nuances.

Additional services

Service agreements and contracts

Regulatory and compliance documentation

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Financial reports

Marketing materials

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