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HR and Corporate Communications Translations

When you send internal documents to employees, you’re not just sharing instructions and information – you’re communicating your culture. We can help your message cross borders and break down barriers.

The length, tone, and content of your communications affects how your workers perceive your organization. When your content is successfully translated and localized, it improves productivity. When it’s not, the result is a confused and disengaged workforce.

Translating and localizing internal communications content presents a unique set of challenges. Simply translating business English phrases directly without understanding the nuances behind them is confusing and misleading. When your HR team needs to translate corporate communication, they need a partner in place that will communicate not just the words but the intent behind them. When you collaborate with Argos Multilingual, we will help you control the tone of your content across multiple languages without jeopardizing the inclusive corporate culture you’ve worked so hard to build.

What can we help with?

  • Annual and interim reports
  • Regulatory announcements
  • Minutes of shareholder meetings
  • Statutes
  • Pay and rewards reporting
  • Corporate bylaws
  • IPO and share issue documentation
  • Investor road-show presentations
  • Press reports and press releases
  • Corporate newsletters and internal communications

Human Resources

Diversity contributes a lot to any organization. But a multinational and multicultural workforce means added responsibilities for a company’s human resources (HR) department. Employment contracts for foreign employees, accurate job descriptions for global positions, employee regulations for foreign branches, and many other documents all need to reach every employee in a language they can understand, but translating HR-related documents requires specific knowledge and expertise. That’s why we take great pains to make sure that every HR translation project goes to a linguist who is fluent in HR jargon as well as the necessary languages, so that our translations always accurately reflect your source documents.

Health and Safety

If you’ve got employees all around the globe, you have a responsibility to make sure that all of them stay safe at work, no matter their location. That includes providing clear and understandable health and safety protocol, documentation, and instructions for employees. If you don’t, you’re not only risking their safety – you may also be liable for their injuries even if they have signed a health and safety agreement.

Translating health and safety solutions, however, is no simple task. Plenty of languages have no specific or technical terms that match the words used in a specific industry or workplace, and in addition to translating the standard text in user manuals, it’s crucial to fully localize all other messages, including:

  • Maps to explain area layouts, exact locations, and evacuation procedures
  • Drawings, illustrations, and diagrams to explain processes and technology
  • Flow charts to explain processes, procedures, and instructions
  • Photographs showing dangerous areas, construction sites, and equipment handling

The safety of your employees is too important to trust to an inexperienced translation company. At Argos Multilingual, we have been translating important safety materials since the founding of the company in 1996. Our linguists are subject matter experts in their industries (which guarantees accurate translations of your industry-specific terminology) and our quality processes are industry and ISO certified.

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