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A Partnership Approach

We are a partner to our clients, not simply a translation company. We take pride in understanding the unique requirements of the industries we serve.

Quality at Source

Our Global Language Solutions are inspired by the concept of Quality at Source, where the focus is on “getting it right the first time.”

Technology Agnostic

We never try to lock our clients into any single solution, and we understand the importance of being able to work in a multivendor and multiplatform environment.

Giving ourselves a pat on the back

Our Awards and Recognitions

Argos Multilingual is proud to be recognized by some of the most important and influential publications and organizations in our industry and around the world. Our reputation is poised to continue with strong growth in the future.

Top 75 of the Nimdzi 100 Ranking – 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

John Deere Achieving Excellence Program – 2014, 2015, 2018

Fastest Growing LSPs – 2022

Your content is in the right hands

ISO Certified Translation Services

ISO, or the International Organization for Standardization, is a global organization that provides a framework to certify quality management procedures. Our ISO-certified quality processes guarantee the most accurate possible translations of your content.



Kimon Fountoukidis took his home-based translation work to the next level and opened his own business. Argos started off as a single language vendor (SLV) servicing local clients and European multi-language vendors (MLVs) providing translations into Polish. (In case you were wondering, the company is named after Kimon’s dog!)


An Angel Gives Us Wings

In the year 2000, Argos received financing from a Krakow-based angel investor looking to help grow the business.



After a year of confidence building, Argos began offering full-service software localization solutions to our clients. This helped place us on the European map of reliable SLVs.


Regional MLV

In 2002, we decided to change from being a Polish SLV to a regional MLV specializing in Eastern European languages.


Our First ISO Certification

In 2003, Argos was certified with the ISO 9001 standard for having created and implemented a quality management system. We later became certified with ISO EN 15038 (the European Quality Standard for Translation Service Providers) and ISO 13485 (a Quality Management System suitable for Medical Devices and related services.)


DTP Dream Team

With an ever-expanding service offering, we wanted to make more services available in-house and decided to set up a desktop publishing (DTP) team that would ensure the highest-quality DTP work for our client base.


Full-Service MLV

As our clients grew, so did we! Our clients needed more services and the demand to provide translations into other languages increased, so we transformed ourselves into a full-service MLV.


Coming to America

We set foot in the land of opportunity, setting up our first American office in Chicago.


Changing the Client Profile

In 2010 we decided to shift our business focus and client profile to the life sciences, industrial manufacturing, and IT industries.


Not a Supplier, a Partner

We wanted to be more than just a supplier to our clients, so in 2012 we revised our business model and moved toward being a global solutions provider and partner.


Acquired SH3 Inc.

In 2014, we acquired a US-based language service provider, SH3 Inc., specializing in technical translations and solutions for the manufacturing industry. This opportunity paved the way for both businesses to reach new markets more easily.


Acquired ENLASO Corporation

In 2017, we acquired the ENLASO Corporation, an enterprise language solutions provider based in Boulder, Colorado. This acquisition added to our strong existing team of US-based localization professionals, particularly in the life sciences industry.



In 2020, Argos welcomed our new CEO Véronique Özkaya, who brings us the detailed knowledge and progressive vision she has gained from years of high-level management experience in the translation and localization industry.


Acquired Chillistore

In January 2021 we acquired Dublin-based Chillistore, a company that specializes in language quality assurance and inclusive localization.


Acquired Venga Global

In 2021, we acquired Venga Global, a San Francisco-based company that offers translation, localization, and AI thought leadership in over 150 languages. Venga’s unique experience and expertise perfectly complements the world-class services that we already offer.


A Leading Language Solutions Provider

Today, Argos Multilingual is a global language solutions provider, servicing clients in the life sciences, manufacturing, and technology industries.

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