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Our bespoke multimedia services help you prepare, optimize, and localize your multimedia content while our multimedia experts provide consulting and share best practices.

At Argos Multilingual, we don’t just make sure you get the most from your multimedia content. We go a step further by publishing multimedia content in the places where your target audiences are certain to find it and making sure that your source files are well prepared for future translations.

Our services 

We know that every client is different, so we offer a wide variety of solutions, depending on your budget, the project timelines, and the intended audience of the product. With all the different areas we’re experts in, it’s important to know exactly what we mean when we discuss each one. Here are just a few of the services we can handle, with a short description of what each one involves:

  • Voiceover
    The original voice is blended into the background, and a new voice is recorded in the target language and played on top of the original voice at a louder volume.

  • Subtitles
    Translated text appears on the screen at the same time the source voice is heard.

  • Dubbing and lip-syncing
    Dubbing and lip-syncing are two sides of the same coin. Dubbing is where the original source voice is replaced entirely with another (translated) voice. To get the same effect as in the source file, the timing of the new voice is matched to the lips of the actors in the video. This is typically the most expensive option, as it requires more engineering time in order to reproduce the same effect as in the source video.

  • On-screen captions
    This refers to textual elements that appear in a video and which need to be translated into a second language, such as the name of a location or the title of a person speaking.

  • Transcription
    This changes audio/video elements into text. The transcribed text can then be translated into other languages and captioned in a video or used as subtitles.

  • CGI animations
    These are animated elements or graphics, such as a diagram with text in the source language. The text is exported from the element as an after-effect project.

  • Video recording/editing
    Thanks to the extensive experience of our staff, we’re able to record or edit a video in a client’s video recording tool.

  • Sound recording/editing
    This technology allows sounds to be edited or recorded – for example, an original voice can be removed, or the volume can be softened for voice-over purposes.

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