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Software localization services are all about adapting software to suit a local market’s culture and language. The code is extracted, translated, and made to fit with the parameters of the original software in a way that allows the use of different languages for UI, different measurement units, and different fonts.

Imagine getting an error message in a pop-up box while working on a program. The information in the error message is written in English and fits the dimensions of the box. But when the code is translated, the new language has longer or shorter words that require the box to be adapted in order to fit the new text’s length. This is the adaptive portion of software localization services.

At Argos Multilingual, we specialize in the localization of software, online help, and documentation. In a tech world where tight deadlines reign supreme, compatibility risks need to be eliminated, and errors are unacceptable, we offer software localization services that leave you free to focus on what you do best.

Internationalization Testing

For companies planning to market their software applications internationally or developers creating software for international markets, expensive post-processing costs need to be eliminated wherever possible. Accordingly, we offer a full suite of internationalization services, including:

  • Design process consulting
  • Preparation of code for localization
  • Quality assurance measurement (scope, methods, and processes)
  • Multilingual software testing
  • Content preparation for translation
  • Layout adjustment for localization

Internationalization is the process of designing software so that it can be easily adapted to multiple languages and regions without further engineering changes. Internationalization services make software usable regardless of language by simplifying the translation process and designing the software, code, content, and layout to absorb content and text expansion along with linguistic and stylistic changes. If you plan to develop software for use internationally, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of our services, which enable you to:

  • Reduce costly layout redesigns
  • Eliminate font problems from the use of different alphabets and languages
  • Standardize the size of all buttons, windows, and pop-ups
  • Design layouts to fit the stylistic preferences of various cultures
  • Utilize standardized writing conventions

Localization Process Auditing

Different software development tools may require adjusting your localization process to make them more efficient. Experienced Argos engineers can review and evaluate your localization process with an eye to finding potential process improvements.

Localization Engineering

In addition to handling technical translations and offering consulting and training to companies aiming to introduce translation memory systems, we also offer more sophisticated localization engineering services, including:

  • Analysis of source material
  • Product sizing
  • Terminology setup
  • Preparation of source materials
  • Engineering and testing of software/websites
  • Extraction of all translatable text from software/websites
  • User interface resizing
  • Compiling localized resource files into a running application
  • Functionality testing of the localized software or website
  • Final QA
  • Creation of screen captures

Localization Testing

Test Plan Development

Localization testing requires very detailed test plans in order to be successful. Test plans (test scripts) have to be designed in a way that displays as much of the tested UI as possible. Some screens may be displayed only as the results of changing software settings to specific values. Designing test plans like this is a time-consuming task, but our team stands ready to help you with it.

Expert User Testing

Software products may require complex setups or additional hardware. It may not be easy to reproduce the right environment for localization testing, and the best option may be to involve expert software users in the localization process.

Localization Testing

Make sure your localized content is right for your target audience with our additional testing services. Your software will not only meet your initial business and technical requirements, but the look and feel of your software will also match local expectations.

Linguistic Testing

Linguistic testing is focused on the following areas:

  • Translation completeness
  • Spelling, grammar, punctuation, style, consistency
  • Terminology

Defect Analysis Services

Not every localization defect is caused by mistranslation. A thorough analysis of reported defects can reveal more complex localization and internationalization issues.

Rigi Technology

Argos multilingual uses the Rigi platform to support the localization process. Rigi identifies software texts displayed on screen and links them to specific software resources and string IDs. Capturing UI screens and storing them as HTML previews creates opportunities to provide the translators and reviewers involved in software localization with complete context for each translated string, even if the same string is reused on multiple screens.

Rigi technology integrates seamlessly with other software translation tools like SDL Passolo or SDL Studio, and translators can access UI previews from centralized, cloud-based storage. The Rigi platform also can be used through a web portal – in-country reviewers do not have to install any additional software to see the UI screens dynamically translated into their target language. Reviewers can modify translations, leave comments or approve complete screens quickly in the browser of their choice.

Mobile Apps Localization

Our Systematic Mobile Apps Localization (SMAL) process is the first of its kind, and is based on a collection of best practices for the localization of mobile applications. Companies and developers around the world use our experience and localization services to fully test and localize user interfaces, on-screen commands, code, online help files, app stores, and marketing materials.

We have the experience needed to localize mobile apps quickly, and we understand that proper localization requires a sequential workflow that anticipates and removes potential problems before they can bottleneck localization steps and delay product launches. By performing multiple tests, we make sure that all the visual and language elements of your app will render correctly. We’re confident that our unique localization process will help your app reach the market ready for sale in a matter of days.

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