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E-learning Translations

Whether you’re onboarding and training an international workforce or introducing continuing education incentives, we can bring your intended message to life in any target language.

What e-learning content do we typically work with?

  • Instructional materials. Visual aids, resources, and games can be adapted in a way that is sensitive to cultural differences, helping learners get to grips with materials faster.
  • Assessment and certification programs. For students to perform well in course assessments, the learning modules need to be relevant. Proper translation and localization of certificate courses leads to better performance.
  • Mobile apps. Training apps are the perfect solution for learners on the go. We can make sure your users have access to the right information wherever they are.
  • XML-based trainings. XML is a truly global learning content management system, so localizing your content is a must if you want to take full advantage of its capabilities.
  • Training websites. It goes without saying that web-based online learning and development courses need to be adapted to the regions their users live in. Our translation and localization services can help you reach the right audience with the right content.
  • Multimedia presentations. Different people learn in different ways. Our multimedia specialists can help you engage learners and maximize the potential of your content.

The Argos difference

We can guarantee that your translations are done by professionals who understand your target market, so that your e-learning courses can be fully understood by students, customers, and vendors alike. In addition to our expert linguists, our multimedia specialists and voiceover talents have years of experience when it comes to localizing complex e-learning projects.

We make it easy to incorporate translated materials into your currently published material, even published information that you plan to release on future webpages. No matter how what platform your e-learning material is created on, we can translate and localize your material for global audiences.

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