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Legal and Patent Translations

If it’s a legal matter, we can translate it! Whether it’s a standard contract or a high-volume tender agreement, your legal documents need an experienced and knowledgeable language services partner.

Clients from around the globe come to us for error-free legal translations in every language, backed by our “Quality at Source” ethos, prepared by carefully vetted and experienced legal translators, and backed by the latest machine translation (MT) technology.

What areas do we work in?

  • Trade law
  • United States law
  • Technology, procurement, and outsourcing
  • Real estate
  • Public and administrative law
  • Intellectual property
  • International arbitration
  • Dispute resolution
  • Competition law

What documents do we work on?

  • Business agreements and contracts
  • Employment contracts and agreements
  • Contract documents
  • Litigation documents
  • Transactional documents
  • Legal analyses and opinions
  • Bills and legislation
  • Patent applications

Confidentiality and security

Argos understands the importance of security and confidentiality when it comes to legal translation services. We also know that the protection of privileged documents and information requires legally binding non-disclosure agreements and secure premises, servers, and networks. That’s why we’ve made significant investments to certify our information security management system to ISO 27001 (the highest industry standard) and why all our translators and reviewers must uphold ethical standards that enhance our credibility and reputation in order to work with us.

Certified translations

Certified translations at Argos are created by our best-qualified and most experienced translators. All work goes through our rigorous quality control process to make sure that the translation is accurate and in the same format as the original. We currently hold an ISO 17100:2015 certification, which is issued to translation service providers that have core processes, resources, and other aspects of business in place that enable quality translation services.

Notarized translations

When a translation has been stamped by a notary public for authenticity, it becomes a notarized translation. The notary officer affirms the fact that the translator or the company has, in fact, issued the certificate of accuracy, adding an extra layer of authenticity to an already certified translation. At Argos, we maintain an extensive network of notary officers around the globe for those situations when nothing short of a notarized document will do.

Patent Translations

Protecting your inventions and designs means filing your patents, copyrights, and trademarks in as many countries as possible. At Argos Multilingual, our global network of in-country patent translators and subject matter experts deliver reliable translations that are ready for submission to patent offices and government agencies anywhere in the world. We understand innovation and the importance of protecting it. That’s why accuracy and expertise matter most to us when it’s time to translate your intellectual property.

What documents do we work on?

  • Abstracts
  • Claims
  • Titles
  • Descriptions and drawings
  • International Search Reports (ISRs)
  • International Preliminary Reports on Patentability (IPRPs)
  • Written Opinions of the Searching Authority (WOSAs)
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