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Marketing Translations

Good marketing translators need to be good writers first. That’s why we work exclusively with professional translators who have extensive experience in marketing and advertising translations.

Successful global marketing depends on having a quality product and producing communications that reflect the culture, language, and user requirements of your customers – wherever they happen to be. Simply translating marketing content from one language to another and calling it a job done isn’t good enough – your content will also need to be properly localized and culturally appropriate if it’s going to be appealing and persuasive enough to have an impact on a local audience.

What are marketing translations?

“Marketing translations” are a specialized service, focused on translating marketing and advertisement materials from one language to another while preserving the original intent, tone, and message. Our service goes beyond literal translation, taking into account cultural nuances, local customs, and language subtleties of your target audience, ensuring effective and meaningful communication.

In the globalized business environment of today, you may be looking to expand your operations beyond local markets. Our services enable your business to communicate its brand message effectively to different audiences worldwide, ensuring a consistent brand image irrespective of location. Language can be a significant barrier when connecting with different markets. We help overcome this hurdle, ensuring your marketing materials are accurately and effectively translated into the local language.

Why do you need a specialized marketing translation service?

Cultural nuances and local customs greatly influence how a message is received. These aspects can vary widely between regions, and without a deep understanding of these variations, your marketing efforts may not resonate with your target audience. Our marketing translation services consider these factors and adapt your marketing materials accordingly to ensure the desired impact. We can help you significantly enhance your company’s ability to connect with target audiences on a deeper level.

The right translators for the right content

We believe that only reputable and selected translators with specific knowledge of a client’s industry and products can deliver appropriate levels of quality. Accordingly, our global network of linguists specify their subject matter expertise during their application and are then categorized according to their proficiency, language pairing, and specialization. Per the ISO 17100:2015 standard, we require and verify that our linguists demonstrate the following competencies:

  • Translation competence

  • Research competence

  • Cultural competence

  • Technical competence

  • Proficiency in required CAT tools

What content do we work with?

  • Banners

  • Commercial brochures

  • Adwords campaigns

  • Advertising campaigns

  • Catalogs

  • Press releases

  • Handouts

  • Videos

  • Marketing surveys

  • Advertising leaflets

  • Newsletters

  • Advertisements

  • Reports

  • Reviews

  • Websites

  • Blog posts

  • Social Media

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