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Take your multimedia content global with our multimedia translation services

Our team will support you during pre and post-production of your multimedia content. We specialize in Computer Aided design, digital media and technical support literature.

With the endless marketing possibilities that the internet and the digital realm offers, companies increasingly choose to reach and attract new global audiences using multimedia platforms for presentation, advertising and publication purposes.

Delivering your message across continents has never been so easy and fast. Similarly, your brand and message now reach global audiences in regions across the world raising the risk of miscommunication if your multimedia platforms are not adequately localized and your content isn’t correctly translated.

That is why companies looking to expand their presence across the globe rely on us for high-quality multilingual multimedia services, which guarantee that your audience will understand exactly what you mean.

For over 15 years, we have offered our clients complex support of all their multimedia translation projects with professional assistance during technical pre and post production. We specialize in producing Computer Aided Design, digital media & technical support literature in multiple languages.

Our Multimedia Translation Services include:

  • Voice over services
  • Dubbing services
  • Sound recording and editing
  • Video recording
  • CGI animations (computer generated imagery) used for training or marketing purposes.

We produce animation, soundtracks and multilingual voice over specifically for CGI projects. The animations are produced with English voice over followed by script translation into the required languages and then narrated in the studio to match the timing and duration of the English master.

With a fully functional recording studio and a staff of skilled expert technicians, we will adapt your audio, video, presentations, software applications, websites and online platforms, social media campaigns and advertising and marketing materials into any language you choose. Upon receipt of your multimedia project, our Project Manager will assign a team of talented multilingual native-speakers and voice-over artists qualified to meet your specific requirements. Having a large voice-over talent pool, we have the capacity to handle all varieties of multimedia translation projects with ease, delivering final recordings at one of the fastest turnarounds in the industry.

Voice Over Translations

Add that extra something to your film, presentation, multimedia application or video game with high quality voice over translations that will help make your product accessible to an international user base.

At Argos Multilingual, we have done extensive work to develop our Voice Over and Media Production services in order to offer a complete package of translation and localization services to clients across a wide range of languages.

Dubbing Services

As video recording and production costs rise, more companies prefer to adapt their advertising and marketing campaigns through overdubbing rather than via costly re-recording of videos with new local actors. Companies that rotate and deliver their ads, short clips, films or presentations to multiple countries are especially sensitive to compounding production costs and thereby interested in high-quality dubbing translation services.

Argos Multilingual has 15 years of high-quality post-production dubbing experience into multiple languages. Our pool of talented and skilled native-speaker voice actors enables Argos to fully support your dubbing requirements across all audio and video projects for:

  • film
  • TV
  • radio
  • broadcasts
  • recordings (audiobooks)
  • games and multimedia
  • presentations
  • videos and social media
  • software

High Quality Dubbing Translations

Professional voice-over production, accurate translation, professional dubbing and subtitling can mean the difference between widespread acceptance of the project or its demise. That is why Argos follows a strict quality assurance process to guarantee that your dubbing translation is adapted correctly and our voice artist matches your and your audience’s preferences.

Argos offers you professional dubbing translation services. We will quickly and accurately adapt your original video’s soundtrack, seamlessly exporting and translating your recording to save you both time and costly reproduction costs. Use Argos’ dubbing translations to retain your recording’s original message, appeal and quality across multiple languages.

Voice Over Tools

We are able to complete difficult Voice Over and Dubbing projects because of our capacity, resources and production facility. At Argos, we use a professional recording studio with:

  • 4 DVs cameras
  • 4 DIVICAMs cameras
  • 4 BETA cameras
  • Rode Microphones
  • Green Screen
  • Video Production Room
  • Audio Recording booth

These tools allow us to export your source language soundtrack while importing the dubbing translation exactly into the recording matching its time sequence. With Argos’ dubbing translations your recordings will sound naturally, as if your audience was listening to the original voice recording. The studio also houses additional amenities, software and hardware, to ensure a “cinema-industry level” of production.

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