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Translation Services

We provide a full range of translation and localization services – translation, layout, software testing, content delivery, and all points in between.

We add value through dedicated customer service and subject matter expertise in your industry, and we’re confident that our certified translation services and partnership approach will get your business on the road to success.

Creating connections

Language Services

At Argos, our approach involves building linguistic teams tailored to your needs and processes. Our focus on quality and expertise will make it easier for you to connect with your clients, no matter where they are or what language they speak.

Website Localization and Translation

Our linguistic specialists and engineers will make your website accessible and culturally suitable for your international audience.

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Marketing Translations

We can take your marketing content to new places by making sure all elements of your content meet regional and global expectations.

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Technical and Regulatory Documentation Translation

We are experts in technical and regulatory content, including contracts, format letters, internal communications, and medical documents.

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E-learning Translations

Our team of e-learning experts will provide you with e-learning content that’s easy to understand anywhere in the world.

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Legal and Patent Translations

We have the knowledge, experience, and staff to translate legal texts to the highest degree of accuracy and transparency.

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HR and Corporate Communications

We can fine-tune the tone of your multilingual content without jeopardizing the inclusive corporate culture you’ve worked so hard to build.

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Language Asset Management

Linguistic assets are the foundation of your localization program. We can create these for you or align existing translation memories.

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Review and Revision

We know that every translation has no margin for error, and we believe that more eyes on a piece of work means less chance of an error.

Software that works anywhere

Software Localization Services

Our software localization services adapt software to suit a local market’s culture and language. The code is extracted, translated, and made to fit the original software, allowing the use of different languages, measurement units, and fonts.

Professional translations deserve professional design

Multilingual DTP and Layout Services

Our Desktop Publishing (DTP) specialists will work closely with you and your team to create templates and layouts that capture your brand’s image and values.

Share best practices

Multimedia Services

Our bespoke multimedia services help you prepare, optimize, and localize your content, while our multimedia experts provide consulting and share best practices.


The original voice is blended into the background, and a new voice is recorded in the target language and played on top of the original.


Translated text appears on the screen at the same time the source voice is heard.

Dubbing and

The original source voice is replaced entirely with another (translated) voice and matched to the lips of the actors in the video.


This refers to textual elements that appear in a video and which need to be translated into a second language.


This changes audio/video elements into text, which can then be translated and captioned in a video or used as subtitles.


These are animated elements or graphics with text in the source language. The text is exported from the element as an after-effect project.

Video Recording
and Editing

Thanks to the extensive experience of our staff, we’re able to record or edit a video in a client’s video recording tool.

Sound Recording
and Editing

This allows sounds to be edited or recorded – an original voice can be removed, or the volume can be softened for voiceover purposes.

Quality always matters

Linguistic Quality Assurance (LQA)

At Argos Multilingual, quality control is everyone’s job. Our linguistic quality assurance (LQA) solution makes sure that your translated content meets and exceeds industry standard quality requirements.

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