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Only world-class translation services can guarantee that your content will be understood by users everywhere.

Our approach to translation involves building linguistic teams tailored to your needs, processes, and subject matter expertise. By focusing on putting your content into the hands of the right linguistic experts, we will make it easier for you to connect with your clients across the globe – no matter what language they speak.


No matter what languages your project requires, we offer translation services across all European languages, right to left languages, and Asian languages. With a broad network of tested and qualified translators, we can complete projects in any language pairs you request.

Website Translation

We believe in taking a flexible approach to website translation and localization. Our linguistic specialists and engineers are on hand to make your website accessible and culturally suitable for your international audience. 

Marketing Translations

At Argos, we can take your company’s marketing content and message to places you never imagined possible by making sure that all elements of your content are tailored to meet regional and global expectations equally well.

Document Translation

Our document translations allow your company’s source content to mirror your original files. We translate an array of documents including legal contracts, format letters, internal company communication and medical documents. At every step of the translation process we ensure that your documents are translated in a secure environment and by subject matter experts specialized in your industry.

E-learning Translations 

The move to digitalization and the need to train customers and employees from a distance has led to a dramatic spike in demand for quality e-learning content. Our team of e-learning experts will provide you with e-learning content that’s easy to understand from anywhere in the world.


Transcreation is all about having the confidence to move away from an original where necessary, plus the creativity needed to make the message resonate in other languages. When it’s done right, it allows campaigns to be both fresh as well as relevant locally, while simultaneously enabling a business to stay consistent globally.

Back Translation

At its most basic, back translation means taking a document that’s been translated into another language, translating it back into the original language and comparing the two. At Argos Multilingual, we understand that part of your quality process can include back translation, and therefore have an adaptable workflow to add that additional quality step in, especially for our medical customers.

Legal Translations

We have the knowledge, experience, and staff to translate legal texts to the highest degree of accuracy and transparency. Your contracts, agreements, or any other legal documents are in good hands with Argos Multilingual.

ISO/Certified Translations

Argos Multilingual is proud to be an ISO 9001:2015 certified translation company. We obtained our first ISO 9001 certification back in 2003, and we also hold an ISO 17100:2015 certification, which is issued to translation service providers that have the core processes and resources in place to enable the delivery of quality translation services. We’re one of only a handful of global translation companies with the EN ISO 13485:2016 certification specific to medical device quality assurance processes, and we’re also 27001:2013 certified, which means that we maintain a systematic approach to securely managing sensitive company information. Our office in Boulder, Colorado was added to a multi-site certification in 2018, and in December 2020 we successful achieved certification to ISO 18587:2017, which outlines the requirements to be followed by organizations offering machine translation (MT) and post-editing services. 

Language Asset Management

Linguistic assets such as translation memories, glossaries, or style guides can improve quality and keep costs low, forming the foundation of your company’s localization program. They make sure that each piece of content connects your customers to your brand by making sure that your translations provide the same message and style as your source content. We create these assets (which remain your exclusive property) for you if none already exist, and we can also perform translation memory alignment before undertaking any assignment.

Translation Memory

For every project that comes through our door we create and manage Translation Memory databases. Our clients remain the sole owners of these databases with 24/7 access worldwide. Using our Argos TMS system, we are able to store and share Translation Memory with linguists and even the client’s other language suppliers.

Terminology Management

As part of our standard translation service offering, we create Terminology databases and develop glossaries for each client and each project. We provide our clients with access to a range of Terminology Management Tools and provide best practise guidelines for our client to follow to ensure their Terminology database is constantly updated and is of high quality.

Review and Revision

At Argos, we know that every translation is a “no margin for error” translation. That’s why our standard practice is to run every finished and proofread translation by a second expert linguist before it goes out the door. The more eyes on a piece of work, the less chance of an error.

Quality Control

Our “quality at source” ethos and the tools we use to guarantee quality at every step are why we’re ISO 9001, ISO 17100, EN ISO 13485, and ISO 27001 certified. It’s also why we work with expert freelance linguists and in-country language service providers whose standards match ours. Everyone we partner with goes through a rigorous selection process, and we only work with people who can demonstrate specialization in a customer’s field.

Project Management

We pride ourselves on a smooth project management workflow. Our project managers are there to make the translation process simple by organizing all aspects of it, handling any complications and reporting back to you regularly on the status of your project so that you can be sure of error-free and on-time delivery.

We believe in taking a flexible approach to website translation and localization. Our linguistic specialists and engineers are on hand to make your website accessible and culturally suitable for your international audience. 

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