Webinar: 5 Strategies for Creating Global-Ready Content

March 05, 2019

Mark March 19th in your calendar and do not forget to register for our FREE Webinar, where the expert will talk about 5 main Strategies for Creating Global-Ready Content! Learn how making your content more global-ready improves customer satisfaction, reduces localization costs, reduces friction in your [...]


Argos 2018 Christmas Charity

February 27, 2019

Argos Multilingual has been helping out charities for some time now. One of our annual initiatives is the Argos Christmas Charity, where during Christmas time we try to encourage all our employees and clients to do something good for those who are in need and less able to celebrate. Right before Christmas, [...]


Argos Partner Recognition Program, 2018 Autumn Edition

February 13, 2019

Interview with 2018 Autumn Edition Winners - Felicien and Cary. We are happy to announce that we are starting a new series of blog posts dedicated to our seasonal Argos Partner Recognition Program and its winners. Every quarter we are going to reward The Best Freelancer and The Best Language Service [...]