Life Sciences Webinar Series hosted by Argos Multilingual

August 15, 2018

Don't Miss Our Life Sciences Webinar Series! Argos Multilingual, a leading language service provider specializing in the field of life sciences translations, will be hosting a series of online webinars focused on Life Sciences Localization and changes in global Life Sciences regulations. The [...]


Language Technology Tools – The Okapi Framework

August 06, 2018 Yves Savourel

The Okapi Framework - An Emerging Language Technology Tool Argos Multilingual - committed to improving localization quality and costs - is actively involved in the development of the Okapi Framework, a set of interface specifications, format definitions, components and applications that [...]


Argos Multilingual Sponsors XTM LIVE USA

August 06, 2018

Once again, Argos is heading off to the Translation Technology Power Summit, XTM LIVE USA. Hosted by XTM International in Boston, Massachusetts, the conference will take place at Hotel Commonwealth on September 17 – 18. The two day event will be filled with showcase presentations, workshops [...]


Best Practices for Creating Compelling Multilingual Packaging

July 23, 2018

Very often, global and domestic customers want different things from the same products. Marketing to these unique segments is never universal and requires localization strategies that address each customer’s cultural values, attitudes, and buying behaviors. In the race to meet consumer needs and [...]


10 Tips for a Successful and Cost Effective Audio Localization

July 17, 2018 Yves Lang

While developing your multimedia content, you have probably noticed that audio recording can be an expensive proposition. It has to be done right the first time to help contain costs. The same is true with audio localization; each mistake is multiplied by the number of languages. Here are our top 10 [...]