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PR and Marketing Translation – Project Brief:

Argos is the translation company of choice for major software developers who need quick and accurate software translation services. Recently, we completed a Hebrew and Italian translation of PR articles for a software developer’s line of new products.

The client needed translations of press releases that presented their new line of software and development tools, which are used to optimize the functionality of devices such as digital imaging products, set-top boxes, automobile braking and navigation systems, avionics control panels, factory automation equipment, internet routers, mobile handsets, and coronary pacemakers. The PR translation projects consisted of English, Hebrew, and Italian language support, along with translation, review, and quality assurance for over 5,000 words.

We completed all translations on time and to budget while abiding by the client’s requirements, and the client was so satisfied with the quality of our work that they decided to regularly send us their PR and marketing translation projects so that we could help them reach new markets and increase their brand awareness across borders.

Background Information:

  1. Client Industry: IT and Software Development
  2. Type of Product: software optimization devices
  3. Type of Project: Translation, review and quality assurance of PR articles (new products) into Hebrew and Italian
  4. Languages involved: English, Hebrew, Italian
  5. Amount of work: 5,000 words
  6. Time frame: 4 projects to date


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