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Clinical Chemistry Translation – Project Brief:

Argos Multilingual regularly completes biotechnology translations for the clinical chemistry sector. Recently, a large IVD manufacturer contacted us requesting a translation of their application for general clinical chemistry analyzers. This medical translation project also entailed reviews and quality assurance checks of 6,600 words of content in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

As we had only 2 weeks to complete the work, we assigned a team of 5 translators and a quality assurance specialist to make sure all translations were consistent and accurate. Our client also delivered bilingual files from a previous project related to a similar product that had been completed by another vendor. We were asked to use these files along with our Translation Memory tools to assist in the translation process and reduce translation costs over this assignment.

We aligned the files in a TM database that could utilize bilingual data. Our client requested only Word and PDF files to be delivered, but we worked on TTX files during the course of the project, which meant our desktop publishing (DTP) specialists needed to convert all files into their appropriate delivery format.

In the end, the project took us 7 working days to complete (including 2 days of lead time) and we managed to deliver all files 2 days ahead of schedule. The client was not only satisfied with the quick delivery of quality translations, but was also impressed with our prompt responses to all of their inquiries.

Background Information:

  1. Client’s Industry: Biotechnology
  2. Type of Product: Application for general clinical chemistry analyzers, package inserts
  3. Type of Project: Medical translation, review, and QA
  4. Languages involved: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish
  5. Amount of work: 6,617 words per language
  6. Time Frame: 7 working days