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We Were at LocWorld 48, Were You?


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Argos Multilingual

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10 Nov 2022

In-person events are becoming more frequent, and we couldn’t be more excited! The opportunity to network, share knowledge and gain insights into the latest trends in localization was not to be missed. Last week LocWorld48 made a rumble in Silicon Valley, and some of our very own are excited to share their experience at the event.

Here’s what some of us had to say about it:

 – Brittany Gouze, Program Director 

“LocWorld had some amazing sessions, and the keynote was on point and quite relevant for the time we live in post-Covid. Everyone seemed to be quite grateful to be back out in the world and connecting face to face again. I sat down with some current customers to catch up on business and life and made new friends and acquaintances along the way. Antoine Rey and Kathleen Bostick both did a great job in setting up and mediating their panel sessions, great to hear from others’ experiences in the industry and make connections across colleagues. Also, Magdalena Wójcik did an amazing job representing our innovations in the PIC challenge! I hope to see more of this from our teams at future conferences.

Lastly, I must appreciate the opportunity to connect with my peers and collaborate in person. As much as we enjoy working from our home offices, there really isn’t anything like putting our heads together, having fun, and looking forward to what the future has to hold for Argos! Thank you to everyone who made my first LocWorld experience great; I’ll keep my fingers crossed I get to attend again in 2023.”

 – Victoria Killmar, VP of Global Sales

“The energy at the event was real; everyone seemed genuinely happy to be in person again. It is always inspiring to attend panels and sessions featuring our own colleagues and clients, and especially great to learn more about movement in the industry.”

– Stephanie Harris, Global Marketing Director

“LocWorld48 definitely had a warm and connected feeling. There was a buzz of excitement to meet up with new and old friends in person. The sessions as well were interesting, with some new faces introduced along with the usual suspects. It was very encouraging to see the Rising Stars panel, and I met quite a few students who were attending the event for the first time. I think this is an exciting time for the industry as a whole. The collaborative atmosphere and friendliness, even among competitors, speak for good things to come.”

– Nadège Young, VP of Customer Success

“LocWorld48 delivered on so many levels! Meeting clients (and some colleagues) as well as technical partners for the first time was so valuable to the partnerships! The energy level and the sense of community were palpable and so exciting! One of the best conferences I’ve attended in a long time!”

 – Antoine Rey, SVP of Customer Development

“There was a strong appetite for human/in-person contact and conversations and also very deep/no nonsense conversations with a no-time-to-waste type of feeling. It was a great balance between providers and buyers. I’m exhausted and drained after the 3 days even for a flaming extrovert but what a great feeling!”

We hope to see you at the next one!



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