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Why AI TM Cleanup Is Worth It


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Robert Brodowicz

Published on

04 May 2022

If only every document translation were 100% accurate 100% of the time. Unfortunately, we know this isn’t the case (yet). Human professional translators are a crucial resource for your translation and localization processes, but they are still human, and because of this your process is prone to human errors, both subjective and objective.

When TM (Translation Memory) is introduced alongside your human translators, the error rate significantly dips. TMs offer benefits like boosted efficiency, improved quality, increased consistency, and an accelerated turnaround time which can lead to revenue growth.

The benefits of TM easily justify the investment. However, like any machine, TMs can deteriorate over time, which can devalue their intended purpose. Therefore, we advise using an AI (Artificial Intelligence) TM Cleanup service to leverage the full power of your TM.

What happens to your TM over time?

TMs aren’t an isolated solution, which means they require correct input of data to perform their best. Over time, things like obsolete or duplicate entries, errors getting transferred into new projects and inconsistencies from old and new glossaries can age and lessen the efficiency of your TM. 100% matches are often reused without review, which leads to the introduction of errors in future translations.

And since manual review can be tedious, costly, and difficult, especially in multi-vendor scenarios, many TMs rarely undergo the necessary maintenance required to perform their best.

TMs are a financial investment, and any smart business will maintain them to sustain its value.

We acknowledged this problem and our engineers have developed an innovative process to clean TMs semiautomatically at a fraction of the cost and time that was previously needed for its manual alternative.

How to keep your TM healthy

First step: The first thing we do during the AI TM Cleanup process is analyze the TMs health and then define the scope of content required for review along with auxiliary services.

Second step: We make an analysis of the TM and generate a distribution report. A quote is generated based on the total number of issues. 

Third step: Once the AI models have detected errors, misalignments, etc., our professional linguists make the necessary corrections which are followed by QA (Quality Assurance) checks.

Fourth step: A report is generated to compare the status and TM health pre vs post cleanup.

How is it better than manual TM cleanup methods?

In addition to the time and money saved with the use of AI TM cleanup, the star benefit of it all is its capability of semantic analysis. This feature, for example, can look at 100,000 segments and draw a conclusion of 5000 segments where the AI suspects translation misalignment, which can then be reviewed by a human translator.

Why TM Cleaning Helps?

Going forward, your translation process will benefit from improved linguistic quality in all projects produced with the reviewed and cleaned TM. Your linguists won’t have to waste time focusing their skills on reviewing Context Matches.

Now that it’s clear why a TM cleanup is worth it, you may be asking yourself how to select the right cleaner for the job.

Well, you wouldn’t hire a dentist to perform open-heart surgery, would you? Hire experts in translation and localization services.

At Argos, our AI-based TM cleanup consists of an entire overview of your TM quality rather than a segment-by-segment analysis.

Our star feature ‘semantic analysis’ takes the AI model a fraction of the time it takes for a human to do the same.

We leverage AI-tech to automate some aspects of the cleanup process and involve subject matter expert linguists to perform the part that needs a human touch.

Think it’s high time for your TM cleanup? Go with the experts.

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