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Sharing Experiences at the Upcoming Q1 Medical Device & Diagnostic Labeling Conference in San Diego


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16 Jul 2015

Our Life Sciences Thought Leader and Managing Director of North America, Shannon Rose Farrell, will be hosting a 60 minute break-out session at the upcoming 3rd Semi-Annual Medical Device and Diagnostic Labeling Conference in San Diego, September 24-25. The break-out session is on Achieving Target Language Quality Throughout the Labeling Process – People, Processes & Systems.

What will this break-out encompass?

SRF: At this year’s 3rd Semi-Annual conference I wanted to take more of an active role in discussions surrounding labeling processes for medical devices and diagnostics. For me, break-out sessions are the best way in which to engage in discussions and to really learn from industry colleagues by hearing what they believe works and what doesn’t. My clients keep asking me, “How do I maintain language quality while managing all aspects of the labeling process?” I thought this would be a great forum to address these concerns by showcasing experiences from a Life Sciences localization provider’s perspective. To help others in similar situations and roles, I’ve put together some key topics on ways in which I believe that language quality can be achieved and how important the three elements of people, processes and systems are in achieving this. I am looking forward to engaging with the groups and to hear the experiences of my fellow industry experts.

What do you hope that attendees will get out of your break-out session?

SRF: For me, it is important that I address all of the questions and concerns of our attendees.  After attending the 2nd Annual Labeling Conference earlier this year, I had many individuals coming up to me from all different areas of the labeling process, asking about localization quality management. I feel compelled to help out these experts and to ensure that they leave with a better understanding of how to manage localization quality through the teams they engage with, the processes that are in place, and the various systems they interact with.

Based on your own experiences, what do you believe is one of the major missing puzzle pieces for most company’s labeling processes in regards to localization quality?

SRF: From my experience, I see that one of the major issues clients face, when they come to me seeking localization quality management guidance, is that they have had a long history of “unknown” quality. Meaning, they are unsure of what the current state of quality is of their multilingual content and assets.  When a client comes to me with this issue, my first step is always to assess what we have.  Once we start the process of diving deep into the current state of a localization program, we are now a team partnering together to fix the problem. This is where the true “magic” happens, defining the current state is powerful, gathering much needed data and knowledge.  Once this missing puzzle piece is defined, a path forward can be determined and great change can finally happen.  

Our new Operations Director of Life Sciences, Sarah LaFave will also be at the event and is open to answering any questions you may have on maintaining language quality during the labeling process.  During the 2-day conference, Argos Multilingual will also have a chill out area where in between each session celebratory drinks and cupcakes for passing the second phase of the FDA’s UDI Final Rule will be available for all attendees.

If you are interested in attending this event, please contact Shannon directly in order for us to organize a discounted 2-day pass for you and any of your colleagues.

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