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Our Ten Most Popular Blog Posts of 2021


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Argos Multilingual

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22 Dec 2021

Now that 2021 is almost entirely in the rearview mirror, here’s a look back at our ten most-viewed blog posts of the year, as chosen by you.

1. Argos Multilingual Acquires Venga Global (Press Release). Our acquisition of Venga Global, a San Francisco-based company that offers translation, localization, and creative services in over 150 languages, was a true game-changer, and the year’s biggest news got the year’s most views.

2. Quality at Source Webinar: The Steps to Achieving Quality. A continuation of a fun, informative, and topical webinar led by one of the industry’s leading experts. What’s not to love?

3. 5 Key Steps to Translating Marketing Content. Marketing content had a big year in 2021, and our post laid out a clear and concise roadmap to help companies get started with translating theirs.

4. Argos Multilingual Rebrands to Reflect Continued Growth and Evolution. (Press Release). Our mid-year rebrand updated the look and feel of our website with a warm and engaging design, a more intuitive user experience, and additional information on new technologies and services.

5. Argos Multilingual Acquires Chillistore (Press Release). Our acquisition of Dublin-based Chillistore, a company that specializes in language quality assurance (LQA) and inclusive localization, was big news – and our post views reflect that.

6. It’s Time to Change Your LSP. What Should You Look For? Procurement’s job is never easy, and the pain points they experience are legendary. We presented a few keys to look for when it’s time to seek a better deal from your language service provider.

7. Great Copywriting is Essential. Here’s Why. We set out to prove that with the right approach, anyone can write outstanding copy. Judging by the response, it’s a message people were eager to hear.

8. The Importance of Soft Skills for Translators. We touched on an underrepresented topic – the soft skills that a first-call translator needs to complement their professional competence and experience.

9. The Characteristics of a Transparent Translation Process. Clients are seeking greater transparency in the translation process, and we laid out 4 characteristics of a transparent client-translator relationship.

10. Bad Data, Good Panel. Getting four of the world’s leading bad data experts together in the same place was a real coup, and interest in our panel discussion definitely reflected that.

As things stand, 2022 promises to be another momentous year – and we have plenty of new ideas for educational content like this. So be sure to keep visiting and reading in 2022!

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