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Argos Multilingual Acquires Venga Global


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Argos Multilingual

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20 Oct 2021


Argos Multilingual announced today that it is acquiring Venga Global, a San Francisco-based company that offers translation, localization, and creative services in over 150 languages. This acquisition is part of their strategic plans to continuously increase service offerings, quality, and scale for their customers.

“I’ve always admired and respected Venga,” states Argos CEO Véronique Özkaya. “Once I got to know Kåre and his team, I knew we should work together. At Argos, we always look for the best possible fit when we consider M&A, and the fit between Argos and Venga was obvious. Venga shares our customer obsession as well as our values of honesty and integrity, and they also boast an entrepreneurial mindset that makes everything possible. Our strength is in our people, and I look forward to working with our new colleagues. Their engagement and dedication to customers are palpable – what a team!”

 “Venga gained its expertise in the software industry, and we have used technology to create innovative solutions for our clients – anything from API integration and automated workflows to NLP data annotation technology. In Argos we saw the same focus on customers and creative solutions to improve efficiency and quality. We are very excited to continue this journey together with the teams at Argos and with our customers,” says Kåre Lindahl, CEO at Venga Global.

“I’ve personally known Kåre and the senior leadership team at Venga for many years.,” added Kimon Fountoukidis, Argos Multilingual’s Founder and Chairman. “We are basically kindred spirits. In both companies our focus is on our clients and our people. Both companies have a very entrepreneurial approach to the business. We encourage innovation and we are determined to remain nimble so that we can adapt to the needs of our clients. This allows us to attract the best talent because we find great people and we give them the space to do great things.”

Argos Multilingual is a global language solutions provider with experience in the life sciences, industrial manufacturing, and software/hardware industries. Our business is built on three core values – quality at source, a partnership approach, and adaptive technology solutions. We are committed to giving you freedom of choice while providing customized strategies to fit your business needs, and we are ISO 9001, ISO 17100, EN ISO 13485, and ISO 27001 certified. With production centers in Krakow, Poland and Colorado, USA, we provide value through dedicated customer service and subject matter expertise in your industry. For more information, visit us at

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