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A Field Guide to Copywriters


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04 Nov 2021

As any professional will tell you, choosing the right tool for the job is half the battle. That’s why the most important step on the road to quality copy is selecting the perfect copywriter for what you’re trying to achieve.  

To broadly paraphrase Gertrude Stein, a copywriter is a copywriter is a copywriter, right? In reality, it’s not quite so simple. A math teacher is different from a history teacher, a personal injury lawyer is different than a patent attorney, and a pediatrician is different from a neurosurgeon. The same is true of copywriters, all of whom come with different backgrounds and areas of expertise.

Put simply, you don’t need a copywriter for your project, you need the RIGHT copywriter for your project. If you’re not quite sure what you need, we’ve put together a handy guide to the different types of copywriters available that goes into detail about each one and when you should consider hiring them.

The creative copywriter

For a flood of unusual, outside-the-box ideas, get yourself a creative copywriter, especially if you’re after creative ad concepts, campaign ideas, and clever headlines.

The content copywriter

The content copywriter has one job – churning out lots of blog content. They specialize in longform writing, can write in an informative yet engaging way, and ideally have SEO experience that can help you create searchable and engaging content.

The SEO copywriter

A search engine optimization (SEO) copywriter can incorporate relevant keywords into content in a natural way to improve your ranking and drive qualified traffic to your website by using title tags, meta descriptions, and comparison pages.

The conversion copywriter

A conversion copywriter is trained in the art of selling and persuasion. They use data and proven psychological models to produce messages that sell, and hiring them is an ideal way to get more of your customers to take the actions you want them to take.

The product copywriter

A product copywriter specializes in writing all of the little bits of words and phrases you find within dashboards or other internal parts of a product. They usually have some knowledge of UX and UI, so their approach keeps the user in mind with every word they write. Hire them for in-app copy, notifications, tool tips, intercom messages, and help documents.

The video copywriter

As the name suggests, a video copywriter is a creative writer who can bring ideas to life in video form. Their role is to take a big idea and shrink it down to make it fit within a specific timeframe, whether that’s 10 seconds or 10 minutes. They’re the right fit if you need commercials, explainer videos, promotional videos, or demo videos.

The branding copywriter

If you want to create or solidify your brand, get yourself a branding copywriter. They have the ability to dream up ideas, but in a way that follows a strategic process – perfect for new businesses that need to define their style and tone or businesses that want to pivot and need help redefining their brand.

The technical copywriter

To take complex material and turn it into simple, easy-to-understand text, you need a technical copywriter. These individuals often works in fields like pharmaceuticals, technology, software, financial, legal, or any other industry that needs a certain level of “translation” for laypeople.

The social media copywriter

A social media copywriter is usually a creative writer who understands the nuances of writing creative and engaging copy for social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This person will ideally have strategic chops as well, which can be useful when it comes to developing content series, contests, partnerships, and more.

The Argos way

Quality copywriting is the key to building your online presence. If you want to drive traffic and convince leads to convert, you need a consistent flow of alluring, reader-friendly content. Partner with Argos Multilingual, and you can expect copywriting that speaks to your audience and drives results while meeting your deadlines and staying within your budget.

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