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It won’t be long till the 31st edition of the Localization World 2016 conference (LocWorld Dublin 2016), which will be held in Ireland from June 8 – 10. Of course, this event will not lack Argos Multilingual’s presence, as Gerry Lynch (Chief Sales Officer of Argos Multilingual) will join more than 500 representatives of leading global companies.

@LocWorld is one of the most important conferences for an international business involved in language localization and translation. It is mainly dedicated to global business activities, but also promotes the exchange of valuable information associated with the technology market and language services.

The main theme of #LocWorld31 is “Engaging Global Customers” and will begin with the preconference session on June 7. It will include issues in the field of Life Sciences, Game Localization, Sales and Marketing, Localization for Startups and sessions on Quality Management. In all, more than one hundred speakers will be presenting.

Participants of the conference will have the chance to learn about the newest trends in the industry and to meet representatives of the main technology providers and translation companies. Among them will be leading companies such as Adobe Systems, CISCO System, Google, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, SalesForce and LinkedIn.

The conference will be held at the Convention Centre Dublin – one of the high qualities convention venues in the world.

We are glad to be attending the conference and if you wish to meet with Gerry, please contact him via email