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Website Translation – Project Brief:

When people look for information online, they expect to find it in their own language. Arguably, no one is more aware of this fact than online news and entertainment portals that seek to attract and inform people around the globe. One of America’s largest portals approached Argos Multilingual to translate and localize all of their content in preparation of their entrance onto the Polish market. The sheer volume of information that the international news and entertainment online portal processed to its readers meant that Argos needed to provide capacity to handle over 200,000 words of English to Polish translation.

A project of such scope required Argos Multilingual to utilize translation tools such as Trados, Catalyst and IdiomWorldServer to effectively support and connect the work of all the translators. Because of the large volume of words, Argos developed a large Translation Memory database from scratch onto which each new addition/revision of the project was compiled resulting in significant translation cost savings for the client. The Translation Memory database helps to quickly translate new articles and briefs for the client by estimating how many words are repeated already in the database and are of suitable match for quick translation with the new content.

A team of 6 translators and 2 reviewers along with localization software specialists and a project manager worked on the assignment that took about 3 months to complete. All the translations were delivered on time enabling the client to concentrate on marketing its new portal abroad. In the end, the portal opened its doors in Poland, with fully translated polish content having entered a lucrative market in the Central region of Europe.

Background Information:

  1. Client Industry: Online News & Entertainment
  2. Type of Product: Online News Portal (website)
  3. Type of Project: Website Translation and Localization services
  4. Languages involved: Polish
  5. Amount of work: over 200,000 words
  6. Time Frame: 3 months


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