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Argos Multilingual, a leading global language service provider will be presenting and exhibiting at the 2nd International Congress on Clinical Trials for Medical Devices (CTMD2016) in Berlin, Germany. The event will take place from September 21-22.
CTMD is renowned for delivering its audience with concrete information by sieving through the tones of information available digitally. This year the event will focus on three of the most trending topics in the clinical trial space: clinical site and investigator selection, approval process and new regulations impacting the planning and execution of clinical trials. 
Our COO, Nadege Young will be presenting on the topic of “How the use of technology and pre-defined quality methodology can help remove subjectivity and ambiguity from the translation process”. Nadege’s presentation will address quality methodology in the translation process, the application of technology for ensuring consistency and quality in clinical trial translations as well as the value of maintaining linguistic assets.
We welcome all to our booth to grab some tasty snacks and to talk about clinical trial translations and processes. In addition, we will be holding a draw at our booth. Drop off your business card at our booth to enter our draw and go in the running to win Irish Whiskey!
Nadège Young
Nadège Young
US General Manager & Chief Quality Officer