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Translation Success and International Acquisitions with Kimon Fountoukidis


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Argos Multilingual

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16 Aug 2016

Argos Multilingual’s CEO, Kimon Fountoukidis will be presenting at the upcoming ATC (Association of Translation Companies) conference in London, UK. Kimon’s presentation will take place on the second day at 4.10pm in the “Options to Grow Your Business” strand. His presentation on the “Profile of an International Acquisition” will elaborate on all the elements involved in global mergers and acquisitions. The presentation will also touch on the challenges and benefits of mergers and acquisitions and also showcase why this is not just for larger companies but is also a way for smaller companies do diversify and grow. Kimon will also tell the story of his experience acquiring a US based Translation Company and the factors which led to its success.

The annual ATC conference will take place from September 22-23. Join Kimon on day 2 and discover the trials and triumphs of international acquisition from a first-hand account. If you miss out on ATC, Kimon will also be presenting at the LocWorld Montreal pre-conference. 

As an entrepreneur and business leader here in Krakow, Kimon is taking his lessons in business and sharing them with other aspiring entrepreneurs in Krakow, Poland. Most recently, Kimon participated in a podcast with Project Kazimierz on “Translating Success for Krakow”, in turn extending his support to this local project. Project Kazimierz is an initiative driven by leaders in innovation and business here in Krakow to support the booming tech hub by bringing together entrepreneurs and investors together. In this podcast Kimon details the steps he took to get where he is today and how Argos Multilingual grew from a one-man translation shop to a global translation services company. Watch the podcast on “Translating Success for Krakow” to hear the whole story.

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