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Internationalization Testing Services

If you’re creating software applications for international markets, our internationalization services can help you eliminate expensive post-processing translation and localization costs.

Internationalization is the process of designing software with different languages in mind, taking into account the regional differences and technical requirements of international markets. Internationalization services involve designing software so that it can be easily adapted to multiple languages and regions without further back-end engineering changes. Internationalization services make software usable across foreign markets regardless of language by simplifying the translation process and designing the software, code, content, and layout to fit content regardless of text expansion or linguistic and stylistic changes.

Our internationalization services include:

  • Design-process consulting
  • Preparation of code for localization
  • Quality assurance measurement (scope, methods and process)
  • Multilingual software testing
  • Content preparation for translation
  • Layout adjustment for localization


If you plan to develop software for use internationally, our internationalization services can help you effectively reduce costs and time-to-market by:

  • Reducing costly layout rework and redesign changes
  • Eliminating font problems stemming from use of different alphabets and languages
  • Standardizing the size of all buttons, windows, and pop-ups to fit expanding or contracting translated text lengths
  • Designing layouts to fit the stylistic preferences of different cultures
  • Using standardized writing conventions (date, time, decimal separator, digit grouping, currency, measurement, and spelling formats)
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