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Véronique Özkaya is the new CEO of Argos Multilingual


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Argos Multilingual

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26 May 2020

Argos Multilingual is excited to announce that Véronique Özkaya has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer. Véronique has built an impressive career in the localization industry. She brings to Argos Multilingual the experience and knowledge she has gained in senior management roles.

She started her career in the early days of Lionbridge and took on several senior roles over the years as the organization became the biggest player in the industry. At Moravia and Xplanation, she helped shape strategies that unlocked significant growth. She is also well versed in mergers and acquisitions, with her last deal being the sale of Xplanation in late 2018 while she was CEO. When asked why she chose Argos for her next professional challenge, Véronique highlighted Argos’ sterling reputation, the company’s focus on premium industries such as life sciences, and the vision and ambition of its shareholders.

“I am so excited to join Argos,” Véronique says. “The organization has a portfolio of customers in resilient industries and an incredible talent pool. The Argos technology platform stands out with its ability to handle complex workflows. The quality modules are best-in-class and enable Argos to serve the most demanding customer requirements. It is a fantastic base to build upon and grow.“

Her plans involve leveraging organic growth to make Argos the leader in regulated industries, manufacturing, and the tech sector, building an ideal base for future mergers and acquisitions. She will further develop the new Argos technology platform, which she sees as a major differentiator. While automation and workflows are important and will continue to be developed and improved upon, she will put specific emphasis on further developing quality management and business intelligence, areas that are crucial for customers.

Company founder Kimon Fountoukidis will stay active in the company, with a critical role focusing on mergers and acquisitions, strategic client relationships, and employee engagement. “After many years of dating, we finally landed the crown jewels,” he says. “Argos has been built by hiring the best talent in the industry. When it comes to the CEO position, Véronique was on a very short list of one! I am absolutely convinced that she is the best person to take Argos from $22M to $100M+ . We are thrilled to have her experience, insight, and leadership and we know she will make a tremendous impact on our business. Onwards and upwards!”

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