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Quality results in retail translations

For our Retail clients, we understand that labels should be the starting point for terminology work, but is often neglected by some companies, putting the emphasis on compliance. This often results in terminology that is not aligned with marketing or e-commerce. We know where to begin, we understand the challenges and processes, and we've got you covered.
We understand the importance of knowing what works in all markets before creating a master campaign while being true to your company’s tone of voice and values, including diversity and inclusion. Argos prides itself on flexibility and we know that time is of the essence in retail. A campaign can soon become irrelevant, making short turnaround times vital.


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Creative Services

Our Creative Services help you maintain your unique brand and voice across cultures worldwide.

Content Creation and SEO keep your brand visible and accessible in every corner of the globe.
Transcreation evokes both the meaning and emotion behind your content.
Marketing Localization for your infographics and product descriptions.
Inclusive Localization delivers market-relevant and inclusive content via curation, cultural advisory, accessibility review, and sensitivity reading.
App Store Optimization for localizing apps for your target audience and improving their ranking in the app store.

Machine Translation with Human Post-editing

We offer Machine Translation (MT) with engines customized based on language and subject matter. Your Translation memories and glossaries will be factored in to increase quality. We can then add layers of human post-editing to take the accuracy and fluency to higher levels as needed.

Additional Services

International SEO

International PPC

Product descriptions

Website translation

Marketing materials

Translation Memory Quality Enhancement (Using AI)

In-Country Review & Quality Assurance

Machine translation with human post-editing

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