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Language Quality Evaluation

At Argos, we are dedicated to comprehensively understanding your unique business objectives, risks, and challenges to develop an exceptional Quality Strategy tailored to your needs. Our approach to Language Quality Evaluation surpasses conventional methods. We employ a multifaceted strategy encompassing LQA execution, SME review, in-context analysis, linguistic testing, and meticulous final verification. Our commitment is to be your reliable partner in quality evaluation, consistently ready to address and overcome any challenges, ensuring your projects achieve the highest standards of linguistic accuracy and cultural relevance.


Quality Strategy

We believe in teamwork to ensure the highest content quality. We're dedicated to collaborating closely with you to craft the optimal strategy for your needs.

Quality Management

We're here to expertly manage your quality program, ensuring seamless and efficient operations.

Multi-type Quality Evaluation

Our approach encompasses comprehensive quality evaluation, seamlessly integrated into every step of the process for all types of content.

Feedback Management

Review is an essential aspect of the translation process. We specialize in managing your feedback cycle and providing structured solutions to enhance the quality of your content consistently over time.

Linguistic Validation

A poor-quality translation can have serious or even tragic consequences. That’s why we put vital information through rigorous QA processes.

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Third-Party Review

We can objectively assess both the quality of your current translation service and the quality of your translated content.

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Solve problems at the source

Content & Linguistic Assets Management

We leverage advanced technologies, AI insights, and deep expertise to manage a wide range of tasks related to the creation and upkeep of your linguistic assets. Our commitment extends beyond technology; we ensure that everyone involved in the creation, validation, and maintenance of your assets is actively engaged and responsible, guaranteeing accountability at every stage of the process.


Content Suitability & Profiling

Or approach is to collaborate closely with you, ensuring your messaging resonates with your brand's values, tone, and style. We conduct thorough evaluations to identify and mitigate any potential risks to your content, including geopolitical, legal, and cultural factors, to ensure its global suitability and effectiveness.


We expertly craft and implement optimal terminology management workflows to suit your specific needs.

Translation Memories

Your comprehensive solution for all Translation Memory requirements.

Controlled Authoring

Our “Quality at Source” ethos and flexible approach to controlled authoring produce better quality content and stop errors from multiplying.

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Service where and when you need it most

Language Ownership Program

We embrace the principles of ownership, engagement, collaboration, and trust as cornerstones of success. Our approach involves working closely with every stakeholder in your content creation process to cultivate an ecosystem that enhances quality and optimizes the entire workflow.

We take complete ownership and responsibility from inception to completion. 

As an integral extension of your team, our reviewers, who are also project managers and linguistic experts, engage directly with your teams. This dual-role expertise allows us to:
- Identify and resolve system inefficiencies, ensuring smooth localization workflows.
- Understand and apply linguistic and cultural nuances to ensure translations are not only accurate but also culturally pertinent and relatable.

This approach leads to outcomes that are naturally resonant and accessible to your target audience.


Cultural Appropriateness & Inclusive Language

We deliver market-relevant and inclusive content through meticulous curation, cultural advisory, and comprehensive inclusivity and accessibility reviews. Our sensitivity reading ensures that the content is accurate and universally accessible.

Engaged In-country Experts

Our reviewers are distinguished not just for their linguistic precision but also for their expertise in your specific industry and domain. They play a crucial role in fostering high levels of engagement within your translators' community, thereby driving efficiency in quality-focused outcomes.

Data Analytics

Our approach to quality management is underpinned by a meticulous process of data collection and analysis. This allows us to strategically focus our efforts on the locales that demand the most attention, ensuring targeted and effective quality control.

Continuous Improvement

We are dedicated to nurturing a culture where ongoing improvement and innovation are central to enhancing all types of content we handle.

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