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Third-Party Review

At the end of the day, quality is your brand’s reputation. That’s why we provide independent third-party review and translation revision of your translated and localized content.

When you come to us for a third-party review of your content, our subject matter experts (SMEs) objectively assess both the quality of your current translation service and the quality of your translated content, checking for product knowledge, awareness of industry terminology, and any other necessary criteria.

A thorough third-party review can not only assess the quality of your current translation provider or providers, it can also objectively assess the quality of your previously translated content. In addition, a third-party review can:

  • Provide quality measurement based on industry standard J2450 requirements
  • Provide insights into individual languages and translation service providers
  • Lower translation costs due to less rework over time
  • Provide feedback and reporting on serious errors found
  • Eliminate the cost of potential recalls by improving quality
  • Speed up time to market by eliminating rework

If you’re interested, we’d be happy to have a non-obligatory initial meeting to discuss your needs. After your initial approval, we would proceed with a pilot program designed to show you exactly what third-party review can do for you.

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