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“Get it right the first time.” At Argos Multilingual, those six words sum up our approach to quality control and explain why we introduced the Lean manufacturing concept of Quality at Source (QaS) to our translation processes.

On December 8 at 16:00 (CET) / 08:00 (MST), our Chief Quality Officer and General Manager of US Operations Nadège Young will host a 30 minute webinar on QaS, explaining the philosophy behind it, walking you step-by-step through how we implement it, and doling out helpful hints on how you and your translation suppliers can make it a cornerstone of your own content creation and translation.

It’s a must see for any individual or organization aiming to effectively improve their translation quality.

Click here to learn more about the Quality at Source: The Foundation to Success webinar.

About Nadège Young:

Nadège joined Argos Multilingual in 2012 and brings two decades of experience in the localization industry to her current role. After studies in linguistics at the College of St. Thomas and a few years of teaching French, she decided on a career in localization. Starting as a French translator, she worked her way up to Head of Global Operations for P.H. Brink (subsequently Merrill Brink and now the United Language Group).

A respected leader and mentor, Nadège’s knowledge and passion for the industry are apparent in everything she does. She applies our “Quality at Source” ethos to all aspects of her job, guiding streamlined and efficient processes and leading initiatives that improve translations farther upstream. Her wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion make her an effective presenter when it comes to acquiring new clients and maintaining strategic relationships with existing ones.