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We invite you to join our new webcast series on Customer Review.

This series of webcasts were created to assist you in understanding various aspects of customer review in the localization process. The series is divided into four parts, each focusing on a different aspect of customer review; Content Types, Subject Matter Expertise, Managed In-Country Review, and Technology.

Our first webcast, Content Types focuses on the type of content customers have reviewed by in-country personnel. Here, we explain where and how your local teams can add the most value, what can you do when time and money is stretched and what you can expect when partnering with Argos Multilingual? This webcast also touches on the importance of localizing content accurately and what kind of tools you should use to boost your productivity.

So, what do you get from Argos? A professionally translated project, which is based on technical and linguistic review guaranteeing you a higher level of confidence in the quality of your multilingual content.

We welcome you to watch our further webcasts of the Customer Review Series:

#1 Customer Review: Content Types

#2 Customer Review: Subject Matter Experts

#3 Customer Review: Managed In-Country Review

#4 Customer Review: Technology

If you are wondering about our Customer Review services, or simply you have any other queries – please Contact us!