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Earlier this month, Argos Translations founder and CEO, Kevin Fountoukidis, was nominated for the prestigious Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” Award. The E&Y award focuses on promoting successful business owners, managers and/or CEOs who have established leading companies in three categories: new business, production/manufacturing, and services.

This annual award is granted by an expert international E&Y panel of judges that examines each candidate’s effectiveness to determine which entrepreneur has best lead his or her company. The panel takes into consideration profitability, operating efficiency and the company’s position in its industry.

Kevin has been nominated because of his role in helping Argos Translations become one of Central and Eastern Europe’s largest and most respected translation companies in the region. In fact, Common Sense Advisory, the leading research firm that monitors the translation industry, has designated Argos Translations as an up and coming company in the industry.