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Argos Offers a Complete Portfolio of Localization Services

Our localization engineers are here to help you choose the right tools for your localization process to reach international audiences. Reach your consumers in a language they understand.

Argos Multilingual’s portfolio meets your technical needs including Localization Engineering, Website Localization and Software Localization. Your software localization projects will be completed in-house ensuring a high level of service flexibility and improving your product’s multi-language usability. Our team is made up of talented and highly experienced localization engineers who are ready to take on any complex project that comes through their door.

Localization Engineering

In addition to handling technical translations required in a localization project and offering consulting and training to companies wanting to introduce translation memory systems into their business processes, we also offer more sophisticated localization engineering services including:

  • Analysis of source material
  • Sizing of a product
  • Terminology setup
  • Preparation of source materials for localization
  • Engineering and testing of software/website
  • Extraction of all translatable text from software/website
  • Resizing of the user interface
  • Compilation of the localized resource files into a running application
  • Functionality testing of the localized software or website
  • Final QA
  • Creation of screen captures

Localization Testing

Ensure that your localized content is right for your target audience with our additional testing services including cosmetic, linguistic and functional testing. This means your software not only meets your initial business and technical requirements, but also ensures that the look and feel of your software will match local expectations.

Website Localization

Websites are used to inform your clients about your company, your product or your service. They are the virtual business card, the virtual information package, the virtual brochure that any client or visitor can read and hopefully find favorable. In Argos you will find a partner who is experienced in providing quality website translation and website localization services from and into any language.

Our website localization services will help you increase website leads, reach new clients and build market presence.

As such, website localization services play a supportive role in your marketing endeavors, aiding in the sales process of your products and services.

Software Localization

Software localization is a process that consists of translating the software and adapting the end result to suit a local market’s culture and its language. The software’s code is extracted, translated and made sure to fit with the parameters of the original software.

Imagine that you receive an error message on a pop-up box while working on some program. The information in the error message is written in English and fits snug to the dimensions of the box. But, if you translate the code, the new language will have longer/shorter words which will require that the box be adapted to fit the new text’s length. This is the adaptive portion of software localization services.

We specialize in software localization services along with the localization of online help and documentation. In a tech-world where tight deadlines reign supreme, compatibility risks need to be eliminated, and errors are unacceptable, Argos Translations offers software localization services that leave you free to focus on what you do best, writing new code while we worry about its adaptation.

Mobile Apps Localization

We also provide localization for mobile applications on both ISO and Android platforms. Our Systematic Mobile Apps Localization (SMAL) process is the first of its kind based on a collection of best practices for localization of mobile applications. Companies and developers worldwide use our experience and localization services to fully test and localize:

  • User Interfaces
  • On-screen commands
  • Code
  • App store materials
  • (descriptions, keyword tags, online help files)
  • Marketing materials

Argos has the experience needed to localize mobile apps quickly. We understand that proper localization of mobile apps requires a sequential workflow that anticipates and removes potential problems before they can bottle-neck localization steps and delay product launch. By performing multiple tests, we ensure that all the visual and language elements of your app will render correctly. Use our unique localization process to have your app reach the market ready for sale in a matter of days.

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