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Our value-added services put you in touch with leading industry experts who can improve your business practices.

Whether it’s advising in the implementation of a controlled language program, such as Simplified Technical English (STE), or helping clients choose and implement a solution for moving to a multivendor environment, we are fully committed to being a value-added partner anytime, every time.

Linguistic Validation

A poor-quality translation can result in serious medical complications or the rejection of an entire clinical research project. That’s why we put vital information through the most rigorous quality assurance processes available.

Controlled Authoring

Content localization is the key to taking a business global. Our Quality at Source ethos and flexible approach to controlled authoring produce better quality content and help make sure that errors at the authoring stage don’t get multiplied across language versions.

Content Creation

We are experts at providing straightforward, streamlined content that’s fully optimized for SEO and user experience. Our writers have first-hand experience in your industry and can draw on a global network of subject matter experts to create content that will deliver results.

CMS Selection

Selecting the right content management system (CMS) can simplify the way you publish your content across different media types and make it easier to share information across all departments within your company. We can help you choose the best CMS solution for your business, or simply help you centralize your content for easy access and greater reusability.

Outsourcing Services

Taking advantage of our outsourcing services unlocks the door to a whole new world of experience and skills. Our specialists are available when and where you need them, and they can bring a fresh perspective to your operations while freeing up your personnel to concentrate on your core business functions.

Internationalization Testing

Design your software applications to be compatible with various languages and regions, with our internationalization expertise and internationalization testing service. Our experienced engineering team will guide you on how best to optimize your software for international release, audit your code and provide the best practices to help you solve localization challenges before you even begin translating.

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