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Best practices forĀ Content Management System (CMS) Integration

At Argos, we provide best practices forĀ Content Management System (CMS) Integration. Content Management Systems are used by companies worldwide to collect, store and organize their content in a central location for reuse across different sources. A professional CMS will let your company:

  • simultaneously share, update and revise stored data
  • control and manage your content by setting up specific accounts and roles (you can determine which user will have access to view, edit or publish your content)
  • store your content in a central location for easy access by all users
  • export easily across all document formats
  • reduce repetitive or duplicate input of the same content
  • enhance and accelerate document writing and preparation tasks

Due to their centralized content structure, Content Management Systems are especially powerful tools when used in line with translation services. The content extracted from the CMS is repeated across multiple documents while the source is ‘singular’ and easy to translate. However, by being repeated in multiple documents, you do not incur added translation costs as the content is simply reused rather than translated again.


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