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With the growth of the medical devices industry, introduction of new measures and rapid advancement of technology, medical device manufacturers are able to take full advantage of globalization accessing worldwide markets. In fact, one of the forces that drives this growth is the ability to quickly and accurately translate all the medical device content making it available and accessible to patients and users worldwide.

But, before medical devices are green-lit and approved for market entry, they must pass strict registration procedures, abide by newly drafted regulation and your documentation must meet strict language and translation criteria enforced by international governmental bodies.

That’s why leading medical device manufacturers turn to expert translation companies like Argos Multilingual for assistance with their medical device translation projects.

Regulation Compliance

Argos Multilingual is one of a few specialist medical device translation companies capable of accurately adapting all medical device content to comply with international, regional and local laws.

Expert Linguists

Our staff includes tested and verified Subject-Matter-Experts with years of experience. When you send your translation project to Argos, we will assign a dedicated team of translators, linguists, Quality Assurance specialists and Localization engineers with years of experience in completing similar projects for clients from your own field. Our SME’s are regularly tested and pre-selected to guarantee that only the most qualified and best-matched linguists work on your assignment.

Our Capacity

With a full production facility that includes in-house Localization, DTP and multimedia departments, Argos has the capacity to handle all your translation projects, especially related to:

  • Medical devices & equipment translations
  • Catheters translations
  • Anesthesia delivery translations
  • Ventilation translations
  • Patient monitoring translations
  • Sterilization/infection control translations
  • Endoscopy translations
  • Radiology/Ultrasound imaging translations
  • Pharma/Biomedical translations
  • Surgical instruments translations
  • Dentistry translations
  • Cardiology translations
  • Diagnostics translations
  • Neurology translations
  • Orthopedics translations
  • Vascular translations
  • Cardiac rhythm management devices translations
  • Resting ECG systems translations
  • Magnetic resonance translations

Quality Focus

Argos Multilingual is one of a few medical device translation vendors that follows strict ISO quality processes and introduced its own medical Quality Assurance measures based on LQA and J2450 compliance. Our own quality assurance process was designed specifically to meet the strict international regulation measures related to medical device translation and language services.

Having a strict quality focus in place with a process that follows translation + review + supplemental QA steps (as requested by clients), Argos Multilingual produces not only high quality and accurate translations, but thanks to our standardized processes we can improve your content’s consistency across multiple languages while offering you timely project delivery – always on schedule.

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