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For medical companies conducting clinical trials, timeliness and accuracy are two of the most important characteristics that they look for in a clinical trial translation vendor.

Knowing full well how important translation quality and content accuracy are to successfully pass drug registration requirements, Argos follows multiple strict ISO quality processes to guarantee that your application will run smoothly without any delays.

Leading clinical research companies as well as drug manufacturers have come to depend on Argos Multilingual and our years of translation experience. With

Argos ensures consistency across all languages and timely delivery to meet all your application schedules. If you conduct clinical research and trials in various regions expecting perfect quality, choose Argos to perform all your translations across all the stages of the product development and registration process, including:

  1. Clinical research
  2. Phases 0 – IV 
  3. Surveys
  4. Drug testing
  5. Regulatory approval dossiers
  6. Registration submission and review
  7. Production and marketing

Expert Linguists in Clinical Trial Translations

When you send Argos your project, we will assign you a non-rotating team of expert and pre-selected translators with experience in handling specifically your translations. Your Argos team will stay with you throughout all your projects, learning and adapting exactly to your needs to provide additional tips and support along the way. Your non-rotating Argos team will be led by a dedicated Project Manager who will remain in constant contact with you, providing regular feedback and watching over all the phases of your translation assignment.

Quality Based Workflow

As clinical research is completed by companies and hubs located around the world, more and more documentation is drafted in multiple languages. Before combining all the scientific findings and research into a uniform format, all the content needs to be translated and adapted into a target language. Argos understands that all of your content needs to be absolutely accurate for the following phase of clinical trials to begin.

To successfully pass the various rigorous drug or medical device registration processes, clinical trials are performed according to local or international governmental directives. In an effort to find effective treatment, a growing amount of trials are conducted in labs and clinics around the world expanding companies’ access to a wider test subject pool.

That is why accuracy and quality in this type of translations plays such an integral part, as your content needs to understood by scientists performing all tests, patients undergoing treatment and government agencies registering all new treatment options. That is why Argos performs back translations for our clinical trial clients.

High quality clinical trial back-translations

Argos Multilingual offers you professional clinical trial back-translation services aimed at ensuring that the content delivered to your labs around the world is exactly aligned with FDA/EU regulations and uniform in message across all languages. Back translations ensure that the translation performed matches exactly the original source material and no deviations were introduced.

Argos will help you adapt all your clinical trial content, including:

  1. Patient Information Sheet (PIS)
  2. Informed Consent Form (ICF)
  3. Patient Diary
  4. Medical Records
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