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In Clinical Trial Translations, There’s No Margin for Error

Timeliness and accuracy are crucial factors in choosing a translation partner no matter what your industry, but they’re especially important where clinical trials are concerned – the ability to meet registration requirements hinges on translation quality and content accuracy. That’s why market-leading clinical research companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers have come to depend on Argos Multilingual and our guarantee of quality.

Quality Matters

Our confidence in that guarantee comes from our practice of combining multiple quality metrics into a single quality management system (QMS) that measures all quality assurance processes, storing the results for future reference and providing us with data for feedback and quality control. Our quality assurance managers can examine areas that need improvement while the system shows the results of past changes, and we’ve also incorporated Six Sigma principles that analyze and categorize errors to determine both their standard deviation and any corrective actions that need to be taken. This means that we can easily design unique workflows that enable us to deliver mistake-free translations for all your projects.

Expertise Counts

When you work with us, you can be sure that your project will be overseen by a seasoned project manager with extensive experience in related disciplines. Every translator and editor we partner with is a formally educated native speaker with a background in medicine and biotechnology, and the technical accuracy and consistency of our linguistic experts is complemented by our use of technologies like translation memories and terminology glossary management systems. What’s more, our extensive experience in life sciences gives us comprehensive translation source content, which allows us to substantially reduce translation costs and pass the savings on to you.

Our Credentials

In the eyes of regulatory agencies, hiring an ISO-certified language service provider is the same as having an in-house translation and localization department with approved processes that are ready to be audited at any time. There’s a very real difference between providers who are properly certified and those who only present themselves as ISO “compliant”, and we’re proud to be one of a small number of language service providers that are already certified to the ISO 13845:2016 standard.

Our Experience

Our quality processes are the result of years of partnering with some of the world’s largest medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers. We offer professional clinical trial translation services aimed at making sure that the content delivered for your clinical trials is in line with government regulations and uniform across all languages. That applies to all your clinical trial content, including patient information sheets, informed consent forms, patient diaries, and other medical records.

Confidentiality at Argos Multilingual

Everyone we employ is made aware that the information and data they have access to is confidential through comprehensive employee onboarding training provided by our IT department. We are certified and compliant with the ISO 27001 standard, the GDPR, and the Polish Protection of Personal Data Act, and we submit to periodic information security and cyber-security risk assessments performed by an ISO specialist. Thanks in part to this, we’ve never had an incident or a breach of privacy or security. In addition, all our data is classified and secured according to its level of risk, and we have procedures for the notification and escalation of security incidents.

Want to learn more?

Our Clinical Trial Translation Services

Argos provides top quality translation services for clinical research organizations.

Clinical research companies as well as drug manufacturers have come to depend on Argos Multilingual and our years of translation experience. Click here to read more about our translation services.

Our in-country review service is overseen by experienced project managers and performed by medical industry experts who go through rigorous testing to become certified reviewers. For more information about our review processes, click here.

Our value-added consulting services give you access to medical industry experts who are ready to advise you on how best to improve your business practices. Click here to find out more.

At Argos Multilingual, we’re all about finding the right resources for the job at hand, using linguists who specialize in translating specific materials and encouraging client participation. Click here to learn more.

Back translation allows us to compare translations with the original content for accuracy and quality in order to evaluate the equivalence of meaning between source and target texts. Is Back Translation Right for You?

Certified translations give our clients the confidence that by entrusting us with a project, they can count on a professional solution with the appropriate level of information security. For more information about certified translations, click here.

Establishing your brand’s terminology will help to build your brand’s capital, and taking advantage of our terminology management expertise will save you money and time by reducing terminology errors in translated content. Click here to learn more about terminology management at Argos Multilingual.

No matter the size of your project, our teams will scale to fit your requirements and our structured onboarding process will see to it that the right global support team is in place for your program.   

Our translators and editors are formally educated native speakers with extensive industry experience and backgrounds, and their technical accuracy and consistency is complemented by the effective use of technology.

Document Types

We translate all kinds of content for Clinical Trial and Research Companies.

Clinical Trial Translations Project Sample

Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs) & eCOA
Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs)
Informed Consent Forms (ICF)
Case Report Form (CRF)
Patient Records
Patient Questionnaires
Drug Development Process
Instructions for Use (IFU)
Clinical Study Protocol
Protocol Synopses
Clinical Study Report
Patient Diaries & Reports
Lay Summaries