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Why Choose Argos For Your Technical Translation Services


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Argos Multilingual

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19 Nov 2018

Technical Translations Tailored to Your Business

There are many challenges manufacturing companies face when exporting their goods beyond their local territory. Regardless of whether you’re a large corporation seeking integration and harmonization across business units, or simply a small manufacturer looking for the right translation partner to support your global journey, these challenges are present. At Argos Multilingual, our client’s have all experienced translation challenges, and our technical translation solutions are ready to be adapted to your current needs.

With the technology revolution at bay, the expectation for high-quality end-user experience anywhere, anytime is more pressing than ever. There is no longer a distinction between a company’s business strategy and its end-user experience – anywhere around the world. Global companies now must ensure that communications are clear and understood across multiple languages and time zones, and that information flow is seamless, fast, and accurate.

Whether you serve business demands by leveraging technology or through good, old-fashioned customer service, our high-quality technical translations we will help your company compete in today’s globally connected world with ease.

Automotive Translations

With the constant struggle of increasing global sales, car manufacturers world-wide can depend on Argos’ automotive translation services to help reduce translation costs over time and continue to reach millions of consumers around the world. If you are in the process of rolling out a new project, platform, vehicle, campaign or service, contact Argos to learn how to make your global launch a success.

Engineering Translations

As global manufacturers look to lower costs through offshoring, they inevitably face the problem of reconnecting all their global offices through shared documentation. Avoiding the risk of miscommunication and misunderstanding is vital but it requires linguistic accuracy of your internal communication, product/service guides as well as instructions. Correct engineering translations help your staff and clients around the globe adhere to the same standards, follow the same steps and understand the same procedures set forth in your original plan without risking design and development complications. Argos Multilingual ensure that all your technical content is accurately adapted from one language to another. This way every end-user understands the text and follows your directions exactly as you want them.

Agricultural Translations

As the agricultural industry constantly reinvents itself with new technologies spawning on a regular basis, it’s not surprising that the industry depends so much on technical translation services to connect the changes that occur in multiple labs across the world. Being at the forefront of this change, having a strict ISO quality focus and dedicated linguistic support, Argos has the capacity and experience to take on your agricultural translation projects.

Heavy Machinery & Construction Equipment Translations

Supporting world’s leading heavy machinery and construction manufacturers for many years, Argos Multilingual is specialized in adapting technical documentation, user manuals, and marketing content into all world languages. The key is qualified Subject-Matter-Experts, that understand the way in which the machines work and can not only translate the content but ensure it resonates with the brand image and message. 

When targeting end-users across the globe, you can be confident that Argos’ technical translations will ensure that your materials and documentation are accurate and of utmost quality portraying your message accurately across all languages.

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