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‘When the first Machine Translation experiment was held, a journalist who observed the experiment noted that “In 10 years’ time, there will be no translators needed.” That was in 1954’ says our Chief Technology Officer, Wojciech Froelich.

Today, translation business uses multiple software tools that are supposed to help translators. Over years, there were many myths about CAT and MT tools circulating in the industry. In our Free Webinar, Wojciech will be busting them (or sometimes confirming them) one by one.

During the 45-minute long Webinar, Wojciech will take a look at the CAT Tools and MT tools. One of the myths about CAT tools is that they are slow and instead of making the translation process faster, they slow it down. Wojciech will also test if it makes sense to work in online CAT tools. And finally, he will explain what a better MT engine means and how the difference in quality between different MT engines is measured.

To learn more about the Machine Translation, first, check out our Quick Guide.

Save the Date: June 26 at 12:00 CET, we will be Myth-Busting Translation Technologies. To register for the Free Webinar, click here and fill out a simple survey, that will help the translation industry to shape its future.

Is Machine Translation slower and less accurate than human translation?