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Understanding EUDAMED: Its Role in EU Medical Device Regulation


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20 Feb 2024

EUDAMED, the European Database on Medical Devices, is a central part of the EU’s medical device regulatory landscape. This centralized hub houses critical information about medical devices circulating in the EU market, including details about their makers, safety assessments, and more.

For medical device manufacturers (MDMs), understanding EUDAMED is essential. It’s not just about fulfilling regulatory requirements. Understanding EUDAMED equips manufacturers with the knowledge and tools to manage their products’ lifecycle within the EU. From ensuring compliance with the EU’s Medical Device Regulation (MDR) and In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device Regulation (IVDR) to enhancing product traceability and safety, EUDAMED is integral to selling medical devices in the regulated EU landscape.

What is EUDAMED?

 EUDAMED is a comprehensive, centralized digital platform designed to store and maintain key information about medical devices circulating in the EU market. EUDAMED supports the transparency and traceability of medical devices, which is vital for ensuring public health and safety.

The full EUDAMED system integrates six modules:

  1. Actor registration
  2. Unique device identification (UDI) and device registration
  3. Notified bodies and certificates
  4. Clinical investigations and performance studies
  5. Vigilance and post-market surveillance
  6. Market surveillance

The database includes data like who made the device, detailed descriptions, and any safety or clinical tests it has gone through. In addition to other functionality, the database includes a module for unique device identification (UDI), which aids in the identification and tracking of medical devices. EUDAMED also contains information on certificates issued by notified bodies, clinical investigations, vigilance reports, and market surveillance.

The Importance of EUDAMED to EU Regulatory Compliance and Patient Safety 

EUDAMED is a key element in complying with the EU’s MDR and IVDR, as registering their devices in EUDAMED is a mandatory step toward EU market authorization.

EUDAMED also plays an important role in upholding patient safety within the European Union. By serving as a centralized hub for information on medical devices, MDM manufacturers, certifications, and post-market activities, EUDAMED helps regulatory bodies monitor the market and ensure that only safe and compliant medical devices reach patients.

Furthermore, EUDAMED’s robust traceability allows for the quick identification and tracking of devices, which enhances responsiveness when addressing safety concerns. In essence, EUDAMED’s standardized approach not only promotes regulatory compliance but also places a strong emphasis on patient well-being and access to high-quality medical devices.

EUDAMED’s Current State

After delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the complete launch of EUDAMED is on the horizon. While the modules for registering devices and actors are currently available for voluntary use, an independent audit is expected to take place in the second half of 2024 to launch four other modules: actor, UDI/devices registration, notified bodies and certificates, and market surveillance.

However, the finalization of the vigilance and clinical investigations modules, which are critical components of EUDAMED, will likely extend into mid-2025. Consequently, the full mandatory implementation of EUDAMED, including all six modules, is anticipated to be around mid-2025, following the successful completion of the audit and formal recognition in the Official Journal of the European Union.

After this official notice, there will be a transitional period, but its duration and deadlines are contingent on the competition of the audit and have not been confirmed. Once the transitional period ends, the use of all modules of EUDAMED will become mandatory.

For detailed and up-to-date information on the status of EUDAMED, visit the European Commission’s health website on EUDAMED.

Translation and Localization in the Context of EUDAMED

Translation and localization are vital components of EUDAMED’s functionality, ensuring that information is accessible and compliant across diverse European markets. With EUDAMED serving as a centralized repository for critical medical device data, localization is essential for those who speak different languages. This includes translating device details, instructions for use, labelling, safety information, and compliance documentation into the languages of EU member states.

Translation and Localization in the Context of EUDAMED 

Benefits for Medical Device Manufacturers

MDMs stand to gain significant advantages by utilizing EUDAMED in their operations. First, it’s a very robust tool to streamline regulatory compliance processes, offering a centralized platform where MDMs can register their devices, maintain compliance documentation, and access critical information required by European regulations.

In terms of regulations, EUDAMED provides a standardized framework for device identification and classification, ensuring MDMs can accurately label and classify their products for distribution across EU member states. By promoting transparency and harmonization, EUDAMED facilitates smoother market access, enabling MDMs to expand their reach and offer safe and compliant medical devices to a broader European audience.

Embracing the Future with EUDAMED

As EUDAMED approaches full functionality, it’s crucial for MDMs to stay updated and prepared. This is a big change that demands attention, adaptation, and action from all stakeholders. By embracing this change, manufacturers can ensure smoother market entry, enhance product traceability, and uphold the highest standards of medical device safety.

Questions about MDR and IVDR? To learn more, visit and


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