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Meet Argos Multilingual at the ConExpo-ConAgg 2020


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Argos Multilingual

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20 Feb 2020

Finding a translation agency is one thing, but finding one that has an instinctive feel for the nuances of the construction and agriculture industries is quite another. One way to make it easier is to visit ConExpo-ConAgg, North America’s largest construction and agriculture trade show. It’s happening from March 10-14 in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada, and Argos Multilingual’s own Tom Morris will be there to field your questions and draw on his experience to show you what a difference world-class translation and localization services can make to your bottom line.  

Tom Morris, Director Global Sales, Argos Multilingual:

“I’ve been attending AEM’s ConExpo-ConAgg for the last 12 years in three different capacities – global technical writing, global on-demand publishing, and now international translation/localization services. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet new people, assess the current atmosphere of the construction and agriculture industries, and reconnect with old friends.

From an international perspective, many companies have executives from locations around the world attending this show so that they can learn, study, and ultimately choose what equipment and services they have access to.

While I was in the technical publications industry, I had the opportunity to talk with sales engineers and learn about the new technology being showcased. This was crucial in understanding the spectrum of offerings in construction and agriculture.

While in on-demand publishing, I was able to discuss global locations and dealership/distribution footprints with marketing executives. This was crucial in assisting with streaming content to global regions and understanding where the output would be distributed for our clients.

I’m so excited to be attending the show this year and visiting with current Argos Multilingual clients in both industries while reconnecting with old friends I made in writing and publishing. This year’s focus will be on speaking with executives in training, technical publishing, and marketing. The theme is learning about prospective customers’ branding initiatives, the education of their dealer and distribution networks, and how it all relates to the different languages they use to communicate globally.”

To meet Tom during ConExpo-ConAgg 2020 and learn how Argos can help with your translation projects, click here.

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