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Don’t Miss Our Life Sciences Webinar Series!

Argos Multilingual, a leading language service provider specializing in the field of life sciences translations, will be hosting a series of online webinars focused on Life Sciences Localization and changes in global Life Sciences regulations. The webinar series will run over a 6 month period, with guest speakers from across the translation and life sciences industries presenting on various topics related to content quality, regulatory changes and labeling.

Enhancing Label Compliance Through International Standards

The first webinar will take place on September 12 with Jennifer Sturr, Senior Manager, Technical Publications and Localization from Accuray presenting on the topic, “Enhancing label compliance through international standards.”

The webinar will focus on the label requirements for various ISO standards as well as non-ISO labeling international standards. Jennifer will explain how they can be interpreted to ensure compliance. The webinar will be broken down into a 30 minute presentation, followed by Q&A with Jennifer.

Click below to sign up for the 1st webinar: