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How Argos Builds Complete Solutions Through Strategic Partnerships


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05 Jun 2024

At Argos, partnerships are an important part of how we work. Our mission to provide clear, precise communication across different cultures and languages also relies on collaborating with diverse partners. These collaborations enable us to provide innovative solutions that address our clients’ complex translation and localization challenges.

How Partnerships Make Our Work Better

For over thirty years, Argos Multilingual has adapted to the changing global communication market, serving clients across diverse industries including high-tech, life sciences, human resources,manufacturing, and finance. Our journey is defined not only by our multifaceted approach and commitment to quality but also by our strong partnerships.

Collaborating closely with businesses worldwide allows us to leverage a wealth of linguistic talent and technology resources. Our global production centers ensure that we can maintain a continuous flow of translation and localization projects, making seamless workflows possible across different time zones and geographies.

Partnerships are crucial because they allow us to extend our capabilities beyond what we could achieve alone. Through our alliances, we’re able to explore new technologies, innovate our processes, and continually enhance the quality of our work.

Partnership in Action: Working with Workday and Phrase

Our ongoing collaboration with Workday and Phrase is a great example of using strategic alliances to address complex challenges. Workday, a leader in enterprise cloud applications for finance and HR, sought an efficient, scalable solution for managing translations. The challenge was not just about translating content, but doing so in a way that was both agile and could scale with Workday’s growth.

A Technology-Agnostic Approach to Problem-Solving

Workday vetted and selected Phrase because of its robust technological framework, which includes an API-first approach that enhances the ability to automate and provides future connectivity and integration options.

“The APIs speed automation and offer more flexibility to automate and customize workflows, while also enabling Workday to integrate other tools, products, and content types as our needs grow or change in the future,” explains Lucio Gutierrez, Globalization Technology Engineering Lead at Workday.

At Argos, our technology-agnostic philosophy allows us to work with the best tools and technologies to meet our clients’ unique goals. This perspective supports our commitment to flexibility and innovation, free from the constraints of proprietary solutions, and enables us to partner with other leaders in our industry. 

1. Building the Solution

Working together showed what each partner does best, highlighting their unique strengths and contributions.

Workday provided the necessary context, internal tools, and requirements, enabling a solution to be created that aligns perfectly with their operational needs.
Argos Multilingual brought linguistic expertise, project management, and quality assurance experience to the table, ensuring that the project adhered to the highest standards at every stage.
Phrase’s platform offered the customization capabilities essential for creating a scalable and efficient translation management solution.

2. Leveraging Advanced Technologies

Phrase’s API-first approach and integration capabilities made its Translation Management System (TMS) stand out as the right solution for Workday. The APIs speed automation and offer more flexibility to automate and customize workflows, while also enabling Workday to integrate other tools, products, and content types as their needs grow or change in the future.

Phrase’s consultative perspective fostered a deep understanding about Workday’s needs and requirements. After aligning these specifications with the proposed solution, we launched a Proof of Concept (POC). This phase allowed Workday’s team to actively test the functionality of the Translation Management System (TMS) using real-world scenarios.

Close collaboration continued through implementation and migration of Phrase’s TMS. Since there is not often a one-to-one fit when migrating data, Phrase took special care to ensure the functionality of Workday’s translation memories, term bases, and other linguistic assets were not impacted during the transition. Leveraging Phrase’s high configurability, we designed detailed custom workflows specifically tailored to meet Workday’s unique requirements.

Once the new system was in place, it was time to train Workday’s linguistic team. Argos collaborated with Phrase and Workday to deliver tailored training sessions that addressed the specific needs of different user types and regions within the system. Training took far less time than expected thanks to Phrase’s easy-to-use and intuitive interface.

3. Achieving Results Together

The outcomes of this collaboration speak volumes about the power of partnerships. Together, we achieved:

Enhanced efficiency and scalability: The integration of Phrase’s TMS has significantly streamlined Workday’s translation process. As a result, Workday is better positioned to meet global demand, handle more languages, and undertake complex localization tasks without impacting speed or quality.
Increased cost-effectiveness: Phrase’s TMS enabled Workday to transition from hourly rates to a per-word pricing model, aligning with industry standards. The shift has lowered costs and allows Workday to better manage fiscal planning and budgeting.
Strategic repositioning and operational improvement: The intuitive interface of Phrase’s TMS makes learning the system faster and easier, which is especially important when onboarding new linguistic resources. 
Future proofing: With the ability to build custom workflows using the APIs and integrate with new technologies, Workday’s team can now meet the localization needs of today and tomorrow.

“Transitioning from translating approximately 3.8 million words in our old system to efficiently handling over 300 million words annually is a testament to the scalability and enhanced capability of the new translation process,” says Loy Searle, Senior Director of Localization and Global Content at Workday.

This productive partnership has not only resolved current localization challenges but also laid the foundation for future success. Workday is now better equipped to handle additional languages and complex localization requirements as it continues to grow globally. 

Why Strategic Partnerships Matter

This engagement demonstrates the advantages of partnerships in the localization industry. By combining diverse expertise and resources, we can tackle large-scale, complex projects that would be difficult to handle independently. Our collaborative approach leads to better outcomes for our clients but also ensures our adaptability in a rapidly changing market.

Working with Argos Multilingual

We are proud of our partnerships with leading solution and technology partners to provide our clients with innovative solutions to the complex translation and localization challenges they face.

Learn more about our Partners or reach out to us directly to explore the benefits of partnering with Argos Multilingual.

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