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During the recent Localization World Bonn 2005 conference held in Germany, Argos Translations handed out a 5,000 euro prize to the global online-auction giant: eBay, Inc. The prize constituted of a voucher in the stated amount good towards any of Argos Translations translation and localization services.

eBay had won the prize by being chosen in a drawing during the closing ceremonies from amongst a wide array of participating companies including SAS Institute, Kraft, Daimler-Chrysler, Siemens, Sun and HP to name a few.

Argos Translations has extensive experience in software and website localization and with eBay’s recent inclination to enter East and Central European markets, primarily that of Poland, the quality services that Argos Translations provides will prove invaluable to the online merchant. eBay’s Content Manager, who personally accepted the prize, had pointed out that the voucher will come in handy when eBay moves to redirect the content of their local websites to target the East European regions.