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Argos Multilingual Unveils the AI Maturity Model


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Argos Multilingual

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23 May 2024

San Francisco (CA), May 23, 2024

Argos Multilingual, a global content solutions market leader, has unveiled the Argos AI Maturity Model, or AIMM. The model is a research-backed evaluation matrix for enterprises wishing to assess their AI positioning and measure their progress toward realizing AI’s transformational potential. This publication marks the next evolutionary step in Argos’ consultative approach to delivering its clients best-in-class advisory and tech-augmented solutions.

The AI Maturity Model aims to help global-oriented companies find answers to the mission-critical questions of our time: Do we want to pursue large language model (LLM) based solutions and generative AI (GenAI)? And if yes, what are the steps to deploying it and leveraging its multilingual content creation and localization capabilities?

“Most well-established localization and globalization departments we work with are pursuing AI as a strategic part of their mission,” commented Alexander Ulichnowski, CEO at Argos Multilingual. “Figuring out the place for AI in localization operations is complex and won’t happen overnight. But there’s a blueprint emerging that companies can follow and the AIMM is the map that helps to indicate the right direction.”

“The language industry has been maturing its processes for decades. The concept of localization maturity is well-known and implies a non-linear progression towards more efficient and optimized processes. The eruption of generative AI shows the need to recalibrate the approach to measure progress by including language AI. Different companies will be at different stages of their localization maturity, but regardless of their advancement, most are starting at the beginning of the AI maturity track,” added Libor Safar, VP of Growth at Argos Multilingual and the originator of the AI maturity concept.

What is the AI Maturity Model and what are the key learnings from Argos helping clients adopt and implement AI?

  • With the Argos AI Maturity Model — or AIMM — companies can assess where they are with AI and what they need to do to progress to the next stage of tech-powered transformation.
  • Localization and AI are inextricably linked. Localization teams have worked hard to advance their localization maturity. Now they must do the same with generative AI. AIMM helps you ask essential questions and establish a roadmap of activities to advance your AI maturity.
  • Localization and AI are mutually influenced and influenceable. Assessing your team’s position on AI will likely lead you to revisit your localization setup. When trying to move forward on the localization maturity scale, you will inevitably come across AI — and realize you may need to incorporate it into your activities.

Discover and learn more about the Argos AI Maturity Model here:

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