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Argos Multilingual has worked extensively to build and foster our Life Sciences Localization center here in the Twin Cities, MN area. With that being said, joining the Medical Alley Association became a logical choice to continue to educate and engrain ourselves in this local medical device and pharmaceutical community.

Minnesota is well known for being a global hub, investing in and promoting the advancement of medical technologies. We, as a well-known partner to this industry see this as a continued part of supporting our current and future clients as well as furthering our thought leadership.

The Medical Alley Association was formed in 1984 to serve the health technology community in Minnesota. The organization works towards influencing policy at the state and federal levels, as well as connecting peers, trainings and businesses. This association opens the door for Argos Multilingual to gain knowledge on the current policies, issues and trends in the life sciences industry in the US and around the world.

Please see the Medical Alley website for more information about the association and the work they do.