#LocWorld32 - Engaging Global Customers with Argos Multilingual

October 18, 2016

Here we are - 32nd edition of LocWorld! This time, Montreal will be the host city for this event in October 26-28 and the slogan for this event is Engaging Global Customers. It isn’t necessary to explain what LocWorld is about as the conference enjoys great popularity among international businesses. [...]


Argos Multilingual at the ATA Annual Conference

October 03, 2016 Anna Donczew

On November 2-5, Argos Multilingual will be attending the 57th ATA Annual Conference in San Francisco. ATA (American Translators Association) is a US based organization founded to advance the translation and interpreting professions and foster the professional development of individual translators and [...]


September 30 - dedicated to Translators

September 27, 2016

Another e-mail with an assignment comes your way. You check to see what your schedule for the next few days looks like. Yes, you have all the skills, all the tools and all the necessary resources to take the task but when to do it is another thing. You run through your ‘to do list’, projects [...]


Argos Multilingual is Heading to the tcworld Conference 2016 in Germany

September 20, 2016

2016 seems to be a busy year for Argos Multilingual and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Right now we have seven events scheduled for the rest of the year, one of which is the world-renowned technical communication’s conference, tcworld conference 2016, hosted by tekom Europe e.V., [...]