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Software AntiVirus Translation – Project Brief:

Argos Multilingual is often commissioned to complete IT translations and software translations for different tech companies around the world. One such tech company contacted Argos to complete a Finnish to Norwegian translation of their antivirus and security systems. The anti-virus software translation consisted of over 30,000 words of content that needed to be accurately adapted from Finnish into Norwegian in an effort for our client to successfully launch their application in new markets.

Argos set to work assigning a skilled team of IT translators experienced in handling software nomenclature. As the software translation project consisted of GUI terms and help files, and required software testing of localized strings that were then handed over to translators for reference, Argos ran a portion of these tasks through our localization department. All in all, Argos assigned a specialized team to handle this project in an effort to meet the client assigned 10 day deadline.

In order to assist during the translation process, Argos used Translation Memory tools over multiple text batches, resulting in almost 17% repetitions for the project that transformed into significant savings for our client. Thanks in part to the use of Translation Memory tools during the course of this project, all translations benefited from more uniform and consistent adaptation while the translation process itself was expedited. Argos delivered an error-proof translation on time, as always.

Background Information:

  1. Client’s Industry: Software Development
  2. Type of Product: Antivirus software
  3. Type of Project: Translation, localization, review
  4. Languages involved: Finnish, Norwegian
  5. Amount of work: 30,000 words
  6. Time Frame: 10 workdays